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Amazon Sponsored Ads (PPC)

Land directly on the first page, make your products reach maximum audience and drive more traffic on your product detail page with eStore Factory’s expert PPC guidance.

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads, a solution that can help your products reach a wide spectrum of customers and magnify your sales to a greater extent. But in this heavily populated and competitive eCommerce giant, it is essential that you set the right bids, add the relevant keywords and target the correct audience.

That’s exactly what eStore Factory does for you! We do more than just managing your campaigns - we make sure that the detail page gets the required traffic and you get best Return on Investment (ROI)

Why Choose Amazon PPC Services:

  • Pay only when the customers click on the ad
  • Sponsored ads fetch traffic faster than any other advertising medium
  • Great for newly launched and low selling products who want to rank on page one and increase visibility
  • The more you maintain and manage the campaigns the more you get the returns
Amazon Sponsored Ads

Our Full-Spectrum of PPC Services Include:

  • Keyword Recommendation File: Combining all the relevant, converting, profitable as well as long tail and competitors’ keywords specially collected for PPC ad campaign. Plus adding the keywords in the campaign according to its correct match type (Broad, Phrase and Exact)
  • Creation of New Campaigns: Starting from scratch? Don’t worry experts at eStore Factory will help you build new campaign seasoned just for your products, KPIs and target audience
  • Product-Specific Campaigns: Creation of product and category specific campaigns to highlight the best selling products and optimize sales on low selling products.
  • Refurbishing of Existing Campaigns: Monitoring and management of your existing low-performing campaigns by adjusting the keyword bid, weeding out non converting keywords and targeting the right keywords.
  • Keyword Bid Optimization: Optimization of campaigns at the micro level by Constant bid scaling and adjustments at ad group level to minimize money leaks and maximize the return on investment.
  • Negative Keywords List: Filtering, sorting and addition of negative keywords in the campaigns to avoid unwanted and non converting traffic on your detail page.
  • Social Media Promotion: Reach a wider spectrum of audience by marketing your products on multiple social media platforms and groups through direct product link sharing and promo code generation.
  • Performance Evaluation at Ad-Group Level: Monitor the working and performance of campaigns through weekly analysis of search term reports and monthly sales snapshots.

Choose the perfect plan for your business :

  • Fulltime
  • For 100+ products
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign creation
  • Regular Monitoring of Campaigns
  • Negative Keywords
  • ACoS maintenance
  • 160 hours per month support
  • $1250

    per month
  • Part time
  • Upto 100 products
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign creation
  • Regular Monitoring of Campaigns
  • Negative Keywords
  • ACoS maintenance
  • 80 hours per month support
  • $625

    per month

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