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Amazon Marketing Services:

Advertising your product in the most crowded and popular eCommerce platform and making them reach the right customers is very crucial for the growth of your seller account. In the pool of similar products, it can prove to be quite challenging to make your product stand out from the rest. While you are not organically ranking on the first page, the only way to make your product reach your prospective buyers is by utilizing the marketing services provided by Amazon.

What is Amazon Marketing Services:

Amazon Marketing Service is a keyword and category driven pay-per-click ads targeted to drive traffic on your product detail page and brand pages. At present, it is the most effective and reliable promotional opportunity available on Amazon Platform.

AMS basically includes three forms of advertisements:

  • Headline Search Ads
  • Product Display Ads
  • Sponsored Product Ads

Note: Brand registry required for Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads

Setting up of profitable advertising campaigns and going ahead with a full proof strategy for managing those campaigns will help to increase visibility, drive traffic and maximize your sales. It is very essential to know as to how you can leverage your Amazon Marketing Services to its full potential.

With a blend of sponsored product ads, product display ads and headline search ads, experts at eStore Factory will create ad campaigns tailored for your catalog, brand and products. We help vendors and sellers maximize the return on Amazon Marketing Services by optimizing their campaigns and boosting their sales. Our team will extensively work within your AMS portal to optimize, refurbish and manage your ongoing campaigns as well as create new campaigns in order to ensure that we meet our clients budget, traffic requirements, sales growth and ROI goals.

Amazon Marketing Services(AMS)

Why Choose Amazon Marketing Services:

  1. Make your products reach a broad spectrum of the customer base in a short span of time.
  2. Drives traffic to your brand pages and storefront.
  3. Cost effective: Pay only when the customer clicks on your ads.
  4. Gives your prospective buyers a brand driven shopping experience.
  5. Amazon Marketing Services are targeted specifically for the buyers and not just viewers.
  6. Keyword driven ad campaigns makes AMS the most secure promotional activity to drive visibility
  7. Three types of ads and multiple choice of placements.
Why Choose Amazon Marketing Services

Our Array Of AMS Services Include:

Through Keyword Research

Pay per click campaigns being a keyword driven advertising program, it is essential that you have a in-depth keyword analysis file with you ready before starting off with creation of ad campaigns.

Strategies For Newly Launched Products

With the experience of launching more than 50 new products on Amazon, we just know how to advertise your product so that it can get you more and more returns in a limited span of time.

Management Of Existing Ad Campaigns

Optimization and management of your on-going low performing campaigns by setting up of right bids, weeding out of non-converting keywords and adding of profitable keywords from search term report.

Regular Bid Optimization At Ad-Group Level

Out-sell your peers by setting a competitive bid. Advertising at Amazon does not stop just by creating campaigns. Strategic bid adjustment on a daily basis not only increases the chances of showing up your ad but also stops irrelevant spend.

Off Amazon Promotion

Reach audience at a global level. To target more traffic on your detail page, we use multiple social media platform like Facebook groups and Instagram to make sure more and more customers are driven towards our product.

Targeted Sales Improvement

We work based on the target, budget and requirement pre-set by our client. This practice makes sure you get the best possible return on investment for every penny you spend on each keyword.

Constant Updates And Reporting

Daily reporting as well as sales projection estimates and campaign performance reports on weekly and monthly basis so that you stay updated about the overall performance of your Pay Per Click Ads.

Choose the perfect plan for your business :

  • Upto 50 Products
  • Upto 50 Products
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign creation
  • Regular Monitoring of Campaigns
  • Negative Keywords
  • ACoS maintenance
  • 80 hours per month support
  • $1199

    per month
  • Upto 25 Products
  • Upto 25 Products
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign creation
  • Regular Monitoring of Campaigns
  • Negative Keywords
  • ACoS maintenance
  • 40 hours per month support
  • $799

    per month

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