A/B test your title and main image with Manage Your Experiments – January 01, 2022

Posted by Jimi Patel | January 5, 2022

Amazon Manage Your Experiment was launched in 2019 to help brand registered sellers A/B test their A+ Content.

Sellers can create two different versions of content and Amazon will randomly show each of the pages to different customers visiting your detail page. At the end of the experiment, Amazon will provide results as to which A+ Page performed better.

Now along with A+ Page, sellers can also test split test their title and main image. You can review which version performed the best at the end of an experiment, and then publish the winning content.

Best practices for A/B testing
• Experiment on high traffic ASINs
• Make major changes; minor changes will not bring visible results
• Make one big change at a time
• Don’t stop the test in between, even if you feel the result is obvious

If you want two sets of titles or main images for split testing, hire our product listing optimization services.