Amazon storefront update: Store Engagement Insights – August 08, 2021

Posted by Jimi Patel | August 9, 2021

With new Store Engagement Insights, brands can get easily understand how shoppers interact with their store. The Store Insights dashboard features a new “Engagement” page where you can view metrics at the product level, such as views, clicks, add to cart, conversions, and purchases.

Brands can use Store Insights to:
• Identify their top performing and most viewed products
• Identify the products that are missing from your Store or that shoppers are not finding (these products will show as having 0 views). To access insights about these products, go to the “views” column within the Product Engagement table and add the ASINs to your Store so shoppers can find them when browsing.
• View the products with highest engagement and sales
• Utilize critical metrics like click-through-rate and conversion ratio to understand the customer trends

To improve your Store Engagement KPIs, be sure to optimize your Amazon seller storefront. It is not enough to stash your products in a grid and call it a brand store. Just like a website, your storefronts need to be organized by categories and enhanced by graphics so the shopper would like to interact with it.

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