Amazon.UK: New Bidding Strategy & Control on Bid+ – January 05, 2019

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 22, 2021

New Bidding strategies in Amazon.co.uk will apply in both Automatic & Manual Campaigns.

You can choose from three bidding strategies. Pick the strategy that works best for your campaign’s objective. This setting applies to all bids within your campaign.

For more details, see the Bidding Strategies(Login required)

Bid+ replaced by “Bids by Placement”

Bid+ has been replaced with ‘adjust bids by placement’. With Bid+, you could only set a 50% boost for the top of the search (first page) placement. With ‘adjust bids by placement’, you can set up to a 900% increase for the top of search (first page) as well as for product detail placements. Existing campaigns that used Bid+ are now automatically translated to new settings of bidding strategy = Dynamic bids – down only, and bid increase top of search (first page) = 50%. These campaigns will continue to perform in the same manner as before.

For more details, see the Adjust bids by placement(Login required)