Its more for Amazon Turkey Sellers – March 10, 2022

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 11, 2022

Amazon has recently launched advertising features in the Turkey marketplace. Yes, Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads and Stores is now available in Amazon.com.tr.

1) Sponsored Product Ads let advertisers promote their products with Automated and Manual targeting campaigns. These keyword-based pay-per-click ads can get your products on top of the search result pages and relevant product pages for an instant visibility boost. Let an Amazon PPC specialist manage and optimize your campaigns to get the best results from your Sponsored Product Ads.

2) Sponsored Brand Ads are for brand registered sellers who want to drive discovery of their brand on Amazon. They appear on top of, alongside, or within shopping results. The ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products. Take help from our Amazon marketing consultants to set up and manage your Sponsored Brand Ad campaigns.

3) Amazon Storefront is a mini-me version of your website on Amazon. Every brand registered seller can build a brand store with no cost and use this dedicated space to tell their brand story, educate about their product selections, and give their shoppers a website-like shopping experience. Although Amazon advertises storefront as a self-service feature, it’s not. To create a professionally designed storefront, always hire a trusted Amazon storefront design agency.