New placements for Amazon Posts – August 31, 2021

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 2, 2021

In the next few weeks, Amazon Posts can now also appear on the product detail page. This gives sellers a new opportunity to showcase their brand right where shoppers are considering purchasing their product. This new additional placement is a great place to reach and engage with shoppers, in addition to the current placements in Amazon seller storefront, the related posts carousel on product detail pages, and relevant feeds.

To be eligible for this test placement, you just need 10 live Posts that follow Amazon content guidelines. Once your Posts pass moderation, they will automatically start appearing on your product pages.

To make sure your Posts follow Amazon’s guidelines, make sure to:
• Use lifestyle images showing your product in a visually attractive backdrop.
• Avoid using collages or crowded images. Instead, use a single image focused on your product.
• Remove any text, buttons, or icons from your image.

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