Product Listing Updates – PPU requirements – June 10, 2019

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 22, 2021

Product updates will see errors after June 12, 2019, for ASINs that do not follow the new Price Per Unit requirements

Price Per Unit (PPU) information is used by customers to compare and evaluate products during their shopping journey. Amazon will be implementing the following data requirements for U.S. sellers.

1) Starting June 12, 2019, products sold within the U.S. Consumables product types listed below will require all new listings to include the unit count attribute, which was previously optional. Unit count includes a value (unit_count, e.g. “5”) and a unit type (unit_count_type, e.g. “ounce”). The unit type will be restricted to the following units:

– fluid ounce
– ounce
– pound
– gram
– count

2) Data submissions without this information may fail. The scope of this change includes any product-level data submissions, whether through Excel templates, Seller Central, or XSD feeds.

3) Similarly, on June 12 products sold within the same U.S. Consumables product types will also require updates to existing impacted listings to include the unit count attribute. ASINs without unit count information or with invalid values in the unit count type attribute will still require this information when listings are updated. Any updates that do not include this information will be rejected.

For more detail please check: How to determine Price Per Unit(Login required)