Shopify has removed its Amazon integration function – August 10, 2021

Posted by Jimi Patel | August 16, 2021

From September 20, sellers will now have to rely on 3rd party plugins to integrate their Amazon account with Shopify. After this date, if sellers want to continue to integrate their store with Amazon, they must use new partner apps. Shopify has developed new partner apps that will continue to reliably import and fulfill Amazon orders in Shopify. With these new apps, sellers can:

• Sync all order information within Shopify in real-time
• Create listings in all available Amazon categories
• Edit listings individually and in bulk within Shopify

Amazon sellers were facing these problems since July 2021 and have tried to find a solution to this in the Seller Forum. Some of the Amazon accounts were even in the risk of suspension but with this update, they can take steps needed to make things right in their Amazon account. If you need help integrating your Amazon and Shopify account after these sudden changes, please schedule a meeting with our Amazon consultants.