Andy, one of our biggest & oldest client, came to us for help for his Amazon - USA marketplace for the broad category of Home & Kitchen. We started working together from Feb 2017 with $3,96,000 sales per month which have now increased to $6,00,000 per month.


How to increase sales with low spend while maintaining a reasonable ACoS?


Started with scaling the bids of the existing 300+ campaigns & then creating more than 500 campaigns we increased sales and visibility of the products. Also, Lifetime ACoS was more than 25% before and now, it is between 17-18%.


The most difficult part on which we are achieving results is maintaining approximately 900 campaigns together and controlling and decreasing ACoS gradually.

More than 51% of the sales increase.

More than 39% increase in Total Orders shipped.

Lifetime ACoS from 25% to 17%

Testimonial from Client

"Jimi and his team are wonderful. They are an asset to our company. It’s hard to find straightforward people who do what they say they will do, but eStoreFactory has over delivered in a way that I feel is almost unbelievable. They have Amazon figured out and went above and beyond our expectations.

Communication is great. They consistently fill us in on the progress every step of the way and ask important questions to clarify assignment objectives.

You can’t go wrong with these people. Highly recommended!"