Beauty and Personal Care category has lacs of different products & starting to sell a new product in it is a difficult task. In Jan 2018, we started to work with our Australian client with a product launch strategy, and by the end of the month, we received a good number of orders with an increase in visibility.


A new product launch strategy with an aim to get sales and visibility.


Beginning with a product launch strategy to increase the visibility and sales, we did Amazon PPC, sales boost and generated outside traffic to Amazon. The sales for Dec 2017 was 0 orders, and by the end of Feb 2018, we got more than 1000 orders by our product launch strategy.


With 0 orders and only few page views and sessions in Dec 2018 end, we reached 387 orders in Jan 2018 & 705 orders in Feb 2018 with increasing more visibility on our product which brought it on 1st page from the 3rd page.

0 Orders per month to 700+ orders per month.

Sales rank improvement from #27,283 to #4295

More than 95% increase in visibility.

Testimonial from Client

"ESF is one such excellent team to work with & I am extremely happy with all the efforts they took to make my product reach on 1st page and Amazon’s choice as well. When I found ESF, I understood that I needed these experts to help my business and give me the best suggestions to get the results. Now I am delighted to make them my ecommerce experts."