Case study

Doubled the Sales with 60% Decreased ACoS

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 19, 2021

Account stats before outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $10,221.10
  • Total Ordered Items: 505
  • PPC Sales: $1,225.14
  • PPC ACOS: 41.97%

Account stats after outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $25,823.59
  • Total Ordered Items: 1310
  • PPC Sales: $1,427.64
  • PPC ACOS: 15.72%

Here’s everything we did to get the results:

  • To reduce and keep the ACOS in control, we paused non-converting keywords and added negative keywords on a weekly basis
  • We tracked keywords in Helium10 Keyword Tracker to get an idea about the ranking on each keyword
  • Targeted campaigns made with reverse ASIN keyword research of our competitors
  • Creation of automatic campaigns to collect crucial data like search terms and negative keywords
  • Replenishing the backend search term fields in the product to improve organic visibility