Case study

How eStore Factory used Sponsored Products to expand reach for Loopacell’s catalog of 600+ products.

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022


Loopacell is an established battery brand and leading manufacturer of lithium, alkaline, silver oxide and specialty batteries. The brand already has a loyal customer base but wanted to take things up a notch and scale its success on Amazon. Loopacell teamed up with us to expand its reach and gain momentum for its product offerings using Amazon Sponsored Products. 

The incorporation of Sponsored Products

Amazon ad optimization experts at eStore Factory know that Sponsored Products is a quintessential form of Amazon ads to broaden reach. We chose to narrow in on Sponsored Products because it allowed us the opportunity to drive awareness for a wide variety of shopping queries and increase overall exposure for Loopacell’s pre-selected ASIN list.

Some of the key actions we took were:

  • To ensure that the detail pages were optimized and ready for conversion, we conducted a quick “retail-readiness” check and by the end of it, all the product pages were optimized with informative copy, engaging A+ Content, high-resolution images and a healthy level of inventory. 
  • After the detail pages were retail-ready, we started out by creating automatic campaigns to gauge keyword effectiveness.
  • Each keyword from automatic campaigns was tracked and carefully evaluated using downloadable reports sourced from an Amazon Advertising campaign manager. High performers were added to manual campaigns and poor-performing keywords were added to the negative keyword list.  
  • We utilized top of the search placement (ads that appear only on the first page) to accelerate the visibility of their ads. Campaign name: panasoniccr12310pk B002Y1U2M4 and B01CUL19B0loopa50mix. 
  • Selecting dynamic bidding – down only and religiously adding negative keywords from the search terms report helped cut down on wasted spend.
  • To monitor the success of the campaigns, we reviewed ROAS (return on advertising spend), ACOS (advertising cost of sales) and CTR (click-through ratio), adjusted bids and relied on reports like “Top of Search reports” and “Search Term”. Because the catalog contained more than 500 products, we used bulk uploads to optimize all the campaigns at once.

Positive business outcome

The investment in Sponsored Products helped create an uptick in sales. Between January 2022 and August 2022, the company saw a 41% increase in paid sales and a 4% decrease in ACOS. Single keyword campaigns improved ranking for key customer search terms and bolstered organic sales by 112%. Implementing a strategy focused on increasing reach + traffic increased total sales by 394K.

Jan-22 Aug-22
Total Sales $29,53,848 $33,48,136
Organic Sales $29,03,478 $32,77,095
PPC Sales $50,371 $71,042
ACoS 18.46% 14.44%