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Posted by Jimi Patel | July 16, 2020
Amazon case study for sellers. Increase amazon sales and boost PPC sales


Gerry began selling on the Amazon marketplace a few years ago, focusing on healthcare supplement products. We began working with him in 2018 and in a matter of two years; there have been many celebration-moments for both of us. From the very beginning, Gerry felt the difference of working with true professionals because of which he trusted us for managing the Amazon store of one of his child companies as well. Our most recent achievements with Gerry’s account was when there was an increase in PPC sales and reduce in ACOS during the tumultuous times of COVID-19.



PPC is a risky, little game as an increase in PPC sales comes with a price tag of high ACOS. As Gerry had set a threshold for ACOS, we had to juggle between increasing advertising sales and maintaining profitability. Not to forget, the category Gerry was selling in was one of the most competitive on Amazon, meaning it demands more spend for achieving our target sales.



  1. Digital shelf analysis to spot the areas of improvements in search, content and ratings
  2. Strategic review of the customer’s arena to identify demand generation opportunities. Our specific lens was on campaign management
  3. Creation of both automatic and manual Sponsored Product campaigns for better visibility and Sponsored Brand campaigns for enhancing brand recall
  4. Restructuring and optimization of existing ad campaigns
  5. Positive and negative keyword harvesting
  6. Automating the pricing to combat lost buy box share
  7. Proactive inventory management to ensure there is always just-enough stock at the Amazon warehouses



  1. Our target ACOS was 15%, but we managed to drive it down to a record-breaking 11.45%
  2. From November to May, the company saw a massive jump in sales from $28720 to $47179
  3. Total sales increased to nearly $244511 from $158297
  4. The average orders increased by 153% from 5675 to 8706
  5. Our efficient inventory management enabled us to fulfill our orders without any interruptions or gaps during COVID-19


Past Sales Numbers:

      Month       No of Orders       Total Sales ($)    PPC Spend ($)    PPC Sales ($)    PPC ACoS (%)
   September to November 2019   5675   $158297.49   $5320.5   $28720.98   18.52%


Current Sales Numbers: 


   Month    No of Orders    Total Sales ($)    PPC Spend ($)    PPC Sales ($)    PPC ACoS (%)
   March to May 2020    8706        $244511.38      $5403.12      $47179.31      11.45%




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