Case study

Proven tactics that brought Over €60K Sales in a Month!

Posted by Jimi Patel | November 16, 2021

Account stats before outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: €2,490
  • Total Ordered Items: 21
  • PPC Sales: €1,210
  • PPC ACOS: 3.43%

Account stats after outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: €65,325
  • Total Ordered Items: 555
  • PPC Sales: €24,535
  • PPC ACOS: 13.3%

Here’s everything we did to get the results:

  • We worked on Optimising the listing which includes Content Optimization, translated content.
  • Kept on changing the Bidding Strategy every other day to cut out the unnecessary spend.
  • Updated High Dimension Images and worked on A+ Content as well.
  • Targeting competitor’s product with Sponsored Display ads to lure customers off their product detail pages
  • We have started Auto PPC campaigns to achieve early sales and also use keywords from the customer search terms reports and add profitable and negative keywords