faq test

No, customer reviews cannot be added to Amazon A plus Content.
No, you cannot use HTML or CSS in your Amazon A plus Content. You must use the A+ Content Manager to create and edit your content.
Yes, you can use your images in Amazon A plus Content, as long as they comply with Amazon’s image guidelines.
Amazon A plus Content is the modified form of Enhanced Brand Content. Previously, EBC was meant only for sellers & A+ Content was for vendors. But eventually the line between Seller and Vendor central blurred, and now A+ Content is available on both platforms with the same name. Today EBC and A+ Content essentially mean the same thing.
You need to be a brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry to create Amazon A plus content. If you’re not, our Amazon consulting agency will help you with the brand registry and create A+ Content for you.
Amazon A+ content is available to brands and sellers that are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program.
Amazon A plus content is a premium content feature that allows brands to enhance their product listings with additional text, high-quality images, comparison charts, and other multimedia content. The aesthetically presented content provides an informative and engaging shopping experience for customers.