Sell to NZ customers on amazon.com.au – MFN exports to NZ – October 21, 2021

Posted by Jimi Patel | October 30, 2021

Sellers selling in Amazon Australia can sell to millions of sellers in New Zealand through the Exports to NZ program. Amazon recommends to set up a new International Shipping template in your Seller Central account, if you haven’t already, and assign all your export-eligible SKUs that you wish to make available for NZ customers. Just go to Settings > Shipping Settings > Create New Shipping Template. Under International Shipping you can create your new shipping template for the NZ region by selecting the transit time and shipping fee for both standard and expedited and clicking “Save”. You need to then assign the SKUs you want to export to NZ to the newly created shipping template.

According to Amazon, over the past three months, sellers that made at least one export sale to NZ customers experienced an average increase in sales of 10.7% since participating in NZ Exports.

Creating shipping templates and shipments for inventory is a complex process. It is best to hire Amazon consultants that can get the job done the right way and in half the time.