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Posted by | November 18, 2020
Top 7 Tips To Manage Post Holiday Returns On Amazon

As if holidays weren’t hectic enough for Amazon sellers, now we have one more thing to worry about - returns and refunds. A study suggests that approximately one-quarter of holiday...

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Posted by | October 28, 2020
Optimize Your Sponsored Brand Video Ads In 6 Simple Steps

If there is one form of advertisement that stands out amongst the rest, then it's gotta be Sponsored Brand Video Ads. Since its launch in 2018, video ads have become...

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Posted by | September 29, 2020
Things We Learned After Working With 1000+ Amazon Sellers

Amazon recruits more than 100,000 new sellers every year, but many leave within six months or less just because they don't get the results they expected. Costs spiral, sales drop,...

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Posted by | August 13, 2019
Amazon Merges EBC & A+ Content Into One

Brands that sell on Amazon are by now accustomed to sudden changes and having to adapt to the unannounced updates. Its Amazon’s old way to silently roll out the updates...

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Posted by | October 26, 2018
Why should we invest in EBC for sales growth?

In the fourth quarter of 2016, Amazon unveiled a brand new feature to help sellers enhance their product pages with the use of enticing images, formatted bullet points, crisp text...

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Posted by | August 10, 2018
All You Need To Know About Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content is a brand registered seller exclusive service which allows to ‘enhance’ the product description of branded ASINs. It is a tool for professional sellers who want to...

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Posted by | June 22, 2018
Why Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is Important?

The online competitive market is getting hard but with the availability of tools like Enhanced Brand Content, the sellers can build a brand name. The Enhanced Brand Content gives an...

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