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Posted by | May 17, 2019
Amazon DSP: Everything From Basics To The New (March 2019) Updates

Being a site solely dedicated to buying products and where shopper clearly expresses their buying intention, Amazon has access to almost accurate purchase intent data, which is unparalleled in quality...

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Posted by | April 5, 2019
6 Things Every Amazon Seller Should Do Daily

A day in the life of an Amazon seller is not a piece of cake. Managing your Amazon account requires a lot of time, constant attention and hardcore knowledge of...

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Posted by | March 29, 2019
Identify Product & Listing Issues with Amazon Voice of the Customer!

Amazon is without any doubts the most customer-centric company in the world. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is, so customer focused that at meetings he always leaves an empty...

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Posted by | March 8, 2019
Reduce Counterfeit with Amazon Project Zero!

To say that Amazon has “a bit” of counterfeiting problems would be an understatement. Just like every other online website, the world’s largest online retailer has for years struggled with...

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Posted by | March 1, 2019
Five White Hat Tricks To Get Reviews On Amazon

In the digital world, a buyer cannot touch or feel the product so the only way they can know about the performance and quality of the product is through reviews....

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Posted by | February 22, 2019
Amazon New-To-Brand Metrics: All The Facts

Do you know how many of your shoppers on Amazon actually come back and how many are new? Well, Amazon has announced this new set of metrics which will help...

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Posted by | February 1, 2019
Inventory Performance Index: Everything Amazon Sellers Need To Know

One area that Amazon sellers are not great at is inventory management. With the fluctuating demands and ever-increasing competition, it becomes challenging to strike the right balance between product demand...

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Posted by | October 5, 2018
Why Amazon Sellers must Avoid Automated Repricers?

The Automated Repricers help the sellers to change the price of their product to keep it below, above or parallel to their competitors. The online survey states that nearly 90%...

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Posted by | September 21, 2018
Amazon Listings for SEO: Know How On Aggrandizing It

According to the report, Amazon has more than 300 million users and $177.9 million sales in 2017. Amazon has achieved this through its algorithm - A9, which helps Amazon to...

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Posted by | August 31, 2018
Insight Into Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fees

The Amazon marketplace cleans up the long-term inventory kept in their storage houses in the months of February and August. The E-Commerce giant charges a fee of £441.25 per cubic...

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