How to Protect your Account against Amazon A-to-z Guarantee Claims?

How to Protect your Account against Amazon A-to-z Guarantee Claims?

Buying and selling online runs on money, but it also requires a certain amount of trust for it to continue. Amazon is a customer-centric company, made the policy of A-to-z Guarantee Claim to protect the customer’s Amazon values. No matter what length of time a seller is selling on Amazon, reputation matters the most. And, if a customer is upset or not satisfied, then they are sure to open an A-to-z Guarantee Claim. But handling an A-to-z claim is no small feat. For sellers who want to avoid a suspension in Quarter four, now is the time to brush up on A-to-z Guarantee Claims. Here’s a short refresher on how to handle A-to-z claims.

What is the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee Claim?

A-to-z Guarantee claim is the customer’s last resource to end problems faced by them with Amazon sellers. It is a reimbursement program that helps customers whose expectations have not been fulfilled. This claim assures customers that Amazon and its sellers are attentive to their concerns and are quick to resolve problems with customer orders.

Amazon A-to-z Guarantee claim

Why is A-to-z Guarantee Claim Important?

Amazon A-to-z claim is designed to protect both the customer and the seller by allowing Amazon to make a fair decision based on the facts presented by both of them. We shall now see why it is important for a customer and a seller.

A-to-z Claim for the Customers

As an Amazon customer, the claim offers a level of security when making a purchase. The customer can purchase from a seller knowing that if there is a problem, they can claim via the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee.

A-to-z Claim for the Sellers

For the seller, the Amazon A-to-z claim system is a way of ‘keeping the seller honest.’ When an A-to-z claim is settled in favour of the customer due to non-delivery or damaged or bad quality, it can affect the seller’s ranking and, in extreme cases, can result in the seller being suspended from the site. For Amazon sellers, the A-to-z claim system is an incentive to offer excellent quality goods and great customer service.

Why Does a Customer File an Amazon A-to-z Claim?

Customers can file an A-to-z guarantee claim, but before that, they have to first contact the seller to allow him to resolve the issue. However, if the seller does not solve the problem or does not revert, then they can take this to the next stage by filing an Amazon A-to-z guarantee claim which allows Amazon to investigate the issue and make a decision regarding culpability.

Why does a customer file an Amazon A-to-Z claim

Criteria for a Customer to File an A-to-z Guarantee Claim

Reasons for A-to-z guarantee claim

A customer can file an A-to-z Claim if they meet any one or more of the reasons mentioned below:

  1. The customer was not delivered the product within three calendar days of the promised delivery date or 30 days from the order date – whichever is sooner
  2. The customer was unsatisfied with the quality of the services performed by the seller.
  3. The item received was defective, damaged or not in good working order or materially different.
  4. The customer wants to return an item internationally but has not received either a pre-paid postage label or a refund to cover the cost of the return.
  5. The customer has been charged extra in addition to the purchase and the dispatch price they paid, and the seller did not cover those costs.

What is the process of A-to-z guarantee claims?

If after contacting the seller if the customer is not fully satisfied with the solution provided to him, they raise an A-to-z guarantee claim. Below is the process which helps to understand what steps are taken once the claim is registered with Amazon.

What does Amazon do after they receive a claim?

Where can a seller find the A-to-z Guarantee Claim?

Sellers can find the list of A-to-z Guarantee claims in their seller central account under the Performance Tab.

Seller central tab for claims

Once you click on the A-to-z Guarantee claims, it shows you the claims which require Action, which are under review with Amazon and which are an option to appeal.

Manage A-to-z Claims

How can a seller manage the A-to-z Guarantee Claim?

When a claim is filed, the seller can manage and take the following three actions:

1. Respond to an A-to-z Guarantee Claim Notification

When a customer has claimed an A-to-z guarantee, Amazon reaches out to the seller via email, and he must respond within three calendar days. If he does not respond, Amazon grants the claim in favour of the customer and debit the account for the claim amount. A seller should ALWAYS respond to Amazon and try and save the claim.

2. Refund the Customer

Sellers being more worried about negative reviews and rankings of the account, plan to refund to the customer instead of inquiring more about their claim complaint. And why not? If the amount of the product doesn’t seem to be more valuable than your Amazon account then this is the best option a seller can choose.

3. Contact the Customer

Buyer-Seller Messaging Service helps the seller communicate with the buyer and help him resolve his issue and then take the claim back. Buyer-Seller Messaging is the only approved method for communicating with buyers on Amazon, and so every seller should take advantage of it.

Customer service

How to prevent A-to-z guarantee claim?

It is rightly said that “Prevention is better than cure” and so to reduce the risk of receiving an A-to-z claim a seller should focus on the below recommendations and proactive measures to avoid them:

How to avoid Amazon A-to-z claim?1. Optimize your shipping process

Be sure to purchase tracking for your orders as it allows your customers to check in on the status of their order without having to contact you. Purchase signature confirmation for high-value orders with tracking so customers can feel protected. Last but not least, confirm your orders on time.

2. Be specific with the product information

Be sure to match your listings against the right ASIN and confirm that it is listed in the right condition. Describe products accurately and provide clear images for a customer to make a buying decision.

3. Packaging of your products 

Always pack your products carefully and add extra packaging if your items are fragile or are arriving at the customer’s place with damage.

How to pack products on Amazon?4. Respond to customer emails

Make a continuous effort to respond to customer messages within 24 hours to ensure a seamless customer experience. Failure to respond within 24 hours increases the chances of a claim being filed.

5. Engage in proactive refunding

This approach results in the most buyer-friendly outcome. What it requires the seller to do is resolve the claim immediately with prompt investigations if necessary.

6. Provide good quality products

This may seem obvious but, the best way to avoid an A-to-z claim is to only sell good quality products and not the cheap ones to earn more profit. It may be good to sell low-quality products for a short while, but in the long run, it only creates a wrong impression on customers and inadequate account health.

Final Thoughts

Amazon A-to-z Guarantee Claims are a headache as it’s not easy for sellers to get the claims resolved in their favours. It’s much better if you stay proactive in protecting yourself from the damage that these claims can do to your business. But still, if you have lots of claims and you need any help dealing with your Amazon claims, then please contact us, we provide Amazon Seller Account Management Services.

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