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You have got more important things to do than figuring it all out on your own. Let eStore Factory’s Amazon account management consultant manage your Amazon account, so you can free yourself up to plan and monitor your business growth. From basic tasks like Amazon ranking optimization and Amazon account SEO to Amazon PPC Management and brand growth management, being one of the best Amazon account management companies in the USA, we provide full-service solutions to sellers who want to sell on Amazon but don’t have time, resources or expertise for micro-level Amazon seller central management.

We are not just virtual assistants; we are a team of experienced and certified Amazon Consulting Experts who know Amazon inside out. When your efforts end, our efforts begin. With our result-oriented and ROI-centered, your Amazon business won’t just survive but thrive, flourish and reach new heights. Save time, sell more by taking advantage of eStore Factory’s Amazon seller account management services.



Amazon account management Central Account Setup
Seller Central
Account Setup

Facing issues setting up your professional seller account? Get it done the right way with our seller account management consultants. Our Amazon Seller Experts will give you step-by-step guidance as well as the essential and fundamental information to register your seller account.

amazon account management services

Get ungated. Using all the legitimate tricks and hacks, our Amazon seller management experts will get approval to sell in the restricted categories. What you need to provide is just the required information and that’s all. Leave the rest to us.

Amazon Brand Registry
Brand Registry
and Protection

You won’t have to get through the lengthy process to register your brand on Amazon; instead we will do it for you – right from applying for brand registry to submission of documents and also protecting it against counterfeit and unauthorized sellers.

amazon account management
Manage Case

Creation, submission, management, responding and constant follow up of case generated through Amazon. Being your trusted Amazon account management agency we’ll serve as the primary point of contact between you and Amazon support to provide regular updates.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Optimize your listing, boost your organic ranking and multiply your sales. Experts at eStore Factory will help increase the searchability and visibility of your product by providing an SEO friendly and informative content which will make your listing more scannable and reach a wide spectrum of buyers. Whether its refurbishing an existing listing or creation of new content from scratch, we will do it for you.

Amazon Product Listing

Methodically listing your products according to its correct category and adding all the necessary and relevant product-specific information such as SKU, product ID, content, search terms and other attributes. Plus we can list multiple products of your catalog by bulk listing as well as help you with product feed creation(parent-child listing).

Amazon Sponsored Ads

An experienced team of Google Adwords certified experts will handle your PPC campaigns, scale the bids and add the keywords according to its correct match type. Unique PPC Strategy tailored just for your products to make sure every dollar spent on the campaigns can be diverted into sales..

Amazon Order Management

Give your customers a seamless shopping experience because we will route the order status updates and manage late shipment rates and subsequent changes in orders like returns and refunds.

Negative Feedback Removal Icon
Feedback Removal

Got negative feedback? Don’t worry, we are here to manage and remove negative feedbacks using the white hat tricks within the Amazon prescribed time limit. Also, we will answer the customer inquiries and questions as well as respond to negative reviews.

Amazon Inventory Managment

Our Amazon seller management services also includes proactive inventory management. We will keep track and update you about the low inventory products, out of stock products, high selling products while resolving the issues regarding stranded and suppresses inventory as well as the products not having buy box.

FBA Shipment Creation Icon
FBA Shipment

Creation of shipment plans and shipping labels to deliver the products in Amazon warehouse plus constant follow up and verification if shipment is safely received.

Overall Account Health Icon
Account Health

Whether you are selling by Vendor Central, Seller Central or by FBA or FBM, we know what is right for your account. We will monitor the performance and metrics of your account to make sure it is up to Amazon standards.

Constant Amazon Updates Icon
Constant Amazon

Stay updated to all the new changes in the ever-changing Amazon environment. We will keep you updated with all the new guidelines, rules and updates which you probably didn’t know but should be knowing.


Amazon account management is a service offered by consulting agencies to help businesses optimize and manage their Amazon seller accounts. This includes tasks such as optimizing product listings, managing inventory and fulfillment, and analyzing sales data to improve performance. It is important for businesses to have a well-managed Amazon Account in order to increase visibility and sales on the platform.
We provide a comprehensive suite of services to help sellers optimize and manage their Amazon seller accounts. These services aim to help sellers improve their account performance, increase sales, and maintain compliance with Amazon’s policies and guidelines.
Our Amazon account management primarily includes:
  • Seller Central Account Setup
  • Category Approval
  • Brand Registry & Protection
  • Managing Case Logs
  • Product listing optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • PPC Advertising Management
  • Account Health Management
Our agency will assist you with registering for a seller account, setting up payment and shipping options, and configuring account settings. We will also help optimize product listings, including writing compelling product descriptions, optimizing product images, and leveraging keywords to improve visibility and sales.
We will use all the legitimate methods and hacks to get approval for you to sell in various categories. In addition to enrolling your products for correct categories, getting your brand registered on Amazon, our agency will submit all the required information on your behalf for approvals. We will ensure that your products strictly meet Amazon’s category and brand regulations.
We monitor your inventory levels, set reorder points, and manage the ordering process to ensure that you never run out of stock. Our agency will assist you by optimizing your inventory levels to reduce waste and increase profitability.
We will optimize product listings to improve visibility and sales. This includes writing compelling product descriptions, optimizing product images, and leveraging keywords to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and customer engagement. We also monitor product performance and make ongoing optimizations to improve your conversions and sales.
We manage sponsored product and sponsored brand advertising campaigns, setting budgets, bids, and targeting, and optimizing campaigns for maximum performance. This includes conducting keyword research and maintaining the efficacy of your ads to reach your target audience.
We will monitor your Amazon account health, account performance metrics, warnings, and alerts, and take steps to improve account health and maintain compliance with Amazon’s policies. This includes monitoring order defect rate, late shipment rate, and pre-fulfillment cancel rate, and taking steps to improve these metrics and maintain a healthy account.
Our agency will respond to customer inquiries, address customer complaints, and manage product reviews and ratings to maintain a positive customer experience.
Our agency will set competitive and fair prices for your products and manage promotions and discounts to drive sales and increase profitability. We conduct market research to determine prices and manage discounts to drive sales and increase profitability.
The agency will monitor your brand’s presence on Amazon and take steps to address any infringement or counterfeit issues that may arise. We will take appropriate steps to protect your intellectual property rights and maintain the integrity of your brand.
Yes, we can assist with planning and executing successful product launches on Amazon, including creating listings, managing advertising, and handling customer service.
Amazon Brand Registry is a program that helps brand owners protect their intellectual property and ensure the authenticity of their products sold on Amazon. By enrolling in the program, brands can access advanced tools to manage their product listings, enhance their brand’s visibility, and protect their brand from infringement.
Yes, we can help you with the Amazon Brand Registry process. We will work with you to gather all the necessary information and documentation and will help you complete the entire process.
Yes, we can help improve your Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) by optimizing your product listings, researching and using relevant keywords, and monitoring your ranking in search results.
To maintain a healthy Amazon account, sellers should regularly monitor their account performance, resolve customer service cases efficiently, comply with Amazon’s policies and guidelines, and maintain a positive customer experience. Additionally, optimizing product listings, managing inventory levels, and running effective advertising campaigns can also contribute to a healthy account.
Amazon’s policy prohibits incentivized or fake reviews and encourages honest and impartial feedback from customers. Sellers should not offer incentives for positive reviews, manipulate reviews in any way, or engage in any other activity that violates Amazon’s policies.
Sellers can resolve disputes with customers by logging into their Amazon seller account and navigating to the “Orders” section. From there, they can access the “Customer Service” tab and respond to the customer’s case. Communication with the customer should be professional and solution-focused, and sellers should strive to resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction.
Amazon’s policy requires that sellers set competitive prices for their products, and prohibits pricing strategies that are intended to manipulate the search results or artificially inflate the prices of products. Additionally, sellers should monitor their prices regularly and adjust them as needed to remain competitive and compliant with Amazon’s policies.
Amazon’s policy requires that product images accurately represent the product being sold and meet Amazon’s image requirements. This includes using clear and high-quality images, avoiding misleading or inaccurate images, and ensuring that images follow Amazon’s guidelines for size, resolution, and product placement.
To manage inventory levels on Amazon, sellers should regularly monitor their stock levels, set reorder points to avoid stockouts, and adjust their inventory management strategies as needed to meet customer demand. Additionally, using Amazon’s inventory management tools, such as the Inventory Dashboard and the Restock Inventory Report, can help sellers stay on top of their inventory levels.
Amazon’s policy requires that sellers create accurate, detailed, and up-to-date product listings that comply with Amazon’s guidelines. This includes using relevant keywords, providing detailed product information, and avoiding misleading or inaccurate information in the listing. Sellers should regularly monitor and update their listings to ensure they remain optimized and compliant with Amazon’s policies.
To improve a product’s visibility on Amazon, sellers should focus on product listing optimization, running effective advertising campaigns, and maintaining a positive customer experience. Using Amazon’s enhanced brand content options, such as Amazon’s A+ Content and Amazon’s Brand Stores, can help improve visibility and sales potential.
To monitor account performance on Amazon, sellers can access their Amazon seller account and navigate to the “Reports” section. From there, they can view sales reports, performance metrics, and other data to track their account performance and identify areas for improvement. By using Account Health Dashboard and the Performance Dashboard, sellers can track and stay on top of their account performance.
To manage PPC advertising campaigns on Amazon, sellers can utilize Amazon’s powerful advertising capabilities. They can create and manage sponsored product and sponsored brand ads, set budgets, and bids, and track the performance of their campaigns. Using Amazon’s advertising tools, such as the Advertising Dashboard and the Campaign Manager, can help sellers optimize their campaigns and improve their advertising performance.
We provide assistance for Amazon account suspension issues by reviewing the suspension and identifying the cause, creating an appeal, and relentlessly working with Amazon to resolve the issue.
Our experienced Amazon consultants use data-driven strategies to optimize your product listings, manage your inventory, and advertise your products on the platform. We also analyze sales data and make adjustments to improve performance, all of which can help increase visibility and sales on Amazon.
An Amazon account manager is an expert who handles all your day-to-day account management tasks and facilitates your selling journey on Amazon. In addition to assisting you with various Amazon processes, the account manager also acts as a line of communication between you and the team of Amazon experts.
If you have the resources, time, and requisite skills to handle it on your own it is perfectly okay. But if not, outsourcing is a smart option. Hiring experts will not only save you from a lot of day-to-day hassles but will also help you save a lot of time and money in the long run. Our specialists will devise proven account management strategies for you to step up your business in the Amazon marketplace.


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