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Amazon Brand Story is an extension of the A+ content that allows sellers to convey the unique attributes of their brand. Persuasive and informative content plays an important role in engaging audiences, building relationships, and creating a loyal customer base for your brand. Amazon brand story offers interesting modules that can be used to make your brand more relatable to forge a strong connection with your audience. Sharing your story lets you reveal the real people behind your brand, your mission, and your values that help in establishing a transparent and authentic bond with your customers. Our experts will assist you in launching your brand story or even enhancing your existing brand story to expand your business outreach and build a thriving presence on Amazon.

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Amazon gives you the option to choose between four different module templates to tell your story.

  • Brand carousel background module:
    You need to add a background or hero image, headline text, and body text in this module. It is a perfect place to introduce your brand and share the vision and purpose behind your brand. The module shows the essential details about your company and product portfolio.
  • Brand ASIN & Store Showcase module:
    You can use this module to showcase your top-selling products. Customers are redirected to your product detail pages or Amazon brand store by clicking on this module. This module serves the purpose of cross-selling and can greatly improve your average order per value.
  • Brand Focus Image module:
    In this module, you can add an image that defines your brand. You can add an image of the brand’s creator, an image that showcases your product range, or any image that depicts your brand message effectively.
  • Brand Logo & Description module:
    In addition to adding a brand logo and short description about your brand, it is a great place to share your values, mission, vision, story, or any pertinent information related to your brand.
  • Brand Q&A module:
    You can pick three pre-formulated questions with customizable answers. You can also answer frequently asked questions about your products and brand. It is a great place to address queries that help to combat negative reviews.


To make the best use of the Amazon Brand Story feature, we adopt the following best practices:

  • Pick images that entice your customers and incorporate your logo on the images.
  • Upload images with the best quality and highest possible resolution.
  • Write copies that are authentic, concise, and informative.
  • Choose words that can capture the true essence of your products and brand.
  • Showcase high-selling products on the product page for increased brand exposure.
  • Keep a track of the selling metrics to understand the overall impact of your brand story.

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  • We have Amazon-specific designers. Common designers with limited Amazon knowledge are not reliable as Amazon reviews each and everything we upload, and if it is not up to their standards, it gets rejected. If you do not want to get trapped in a cycle of rejections, use Amazon-specific designers.
  • We have 4 years of experience in making A+ Content.
  • We have helped thousands of sellers make A+ Content.
  • We won’t just help make a brand story but will also help upload it and provide support till it is live.
  • We have in-house content writers and designers working exclusively for creative services like A+ Content, Storefront, and Brand Story. This is what we do day in and day out.
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Amazon brand story is a great medium to share the unique attributes of your brand with your customers. Communicating the evolution of your brand, values, mission, and ethics will help in building connections with your target audience. Feeling connected with the brand positively impacts the shopping behavior of your customers, leading to more purchases and better sales. Brands that are relatively new in the marketplace can create a strong impression of their brand by sharing their stories. It is a proven fact that impactful brand stories and narrations capture human attention and help in building a long-lasting association with the brand.
Building a distinction for your products after cutting through all the competition on Amazon is not easy. Amazon brand story is a great feature that can be incorporated into your product listings to stand out in the overcrowded and highly competitive Amazon marketplace. You can highlight the key attributes and the benefits of your products through your brand story and optimize your product listings to draw more customer attention. A rich blend of infographics and multimedia can be used to showcase the finer details of your products. You can use the feature for emphasizing the unique characteristics of your brand and the factors that set you apart from your competitors. This will immensely help in increasing customer engagement and creating an exhilarating shopping experience.
Amazon brand story allows brands to feature their logos across the product detail page in a non-invasive way. It is immensely helpful in generating long-term brand recognition and expanding your loyal customer base. Shoppers remembering your brand and feeling a connection with it increases the likelihood of them purchasing your products. Brand stories also serve as a medium to introduce shoppers to your product portfolio and encourage them to browse through your detail pages and discover products that they may not have found otherwise.
Building a strong brand presence, developing connections with customers, and creating a distinction for your products by using Amazon’s Brand Story feature helps in reducing return rates and preventing negative customer reviews. Positive reviews influence customers’ buying decisions and also benefit the sellers with a better brand reputation. It further translates into increased conversion rates, better sales, and sustainable growth for your Amazon business.