Amazon Premium A Plus Content


Amazon Premium A Plus Content is a tool that provides brands the ability to present their products in a most visually appealing way that’s ­­a few notches higher than the basic A+ Content. The high-definition videos, rich imagery, and interactive modules add to the convenience and enhance your customers’ buying experience. Our content team is fully equipped to curate the best-in-class content for your brand on Amazon. We have expert graphic designers that help you with Premium A+ Content to ensure your brand stands out for all the right reasons. In case you are still not eligible for creating A+ premium content, we will provide you with the necessary assistance from the very outset. We will support you on your journey to create the best content to drive better rankings and improve your sales on Amazon.

Amazon Premium A plus Content


With Amazon Premium A Plus Content you can showcase your products with a full-screen video and present their key features and benefits with proper explanation. It is a great medium to increase conversions.

Amazon Premium A Plus Content

Full-width Imagery

Premium A+ Content allows more space for image placements that extends up to a width of 1464 pixels. Wide and high-quality images create a rich feel about your products and provide a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

Amazon Premium A Plus Content

Carousel Modules

The carousel modules combine several images into a single section, making it easy for the shoppers to browse through and check the key attributes and benefits of your products.

Amazon Premium A Plus Content

Hotspot modules

Hotspot modules allow shoppers to hover over or click the features to reveal brief information.

Amazon Premium A plus Content

Enhanced comparison table

The comparison tables in Premium A+ content offer a great deal of interactivity. The shoppers can scroll through and compare product attributes against each other. Slide capability in the tables makes them quite user-friendly and convenient to understand.

Amazon Premium A Plus Content

Clickable Q&A

The Q&A module offers an opportunity for brands to answer the most common queries related to their products and help customers make informed buying decisions.

A+ Content Premium A+ Content
Availability All brand registered sellers Available to all the brand registered sellers who have had at least 15 A+ content projects approved in the past 12 months.
Modules 12 Basic Modules 16 Interactive modules and access to previous 12 basic modules
Modules allowed per page 7 for sellers and 5 for vendors 7
Maximum content width 970 pixels 1464 pixels
Price Free Free
Mobile compatibility Yes Yes


  • Higher Conversion Rates: According to Amazon, effective use of Premium A+ Content features can invite up to a 15% increase in your sales figures. It is an excellent tool to stand out and accelerate your business on Amazon.
  • Enhanced Visuals: The expanded space for content helps brands create a great visual impact with their listings. The engaging banners with powerful images and interactive features grab the attention of the shoppers.
  • Interactive Modules: Interactive modules like ‘Hotspot’ allow the creation of call-out images. The prospective customer instantly gets the key product information by simply hovering over or clicking the text box.
  • High-Definition Videos: You can utilize embedded high-definition videos to provide finer details about your products. The HD videos can be watched in full-screen mode to get a better viewing experience.
  • Comparison Tables: Premium A+ content is an amazing tool for comparing similar products within your portfolio. A scrolling image allows users to browse through your products and a table highlights the key attributes. The shoppers get pertinent information about the products through these interactive comparison tables.
  • Q&A Section: It is the perfect platform to help shoppers with their pressing questions and offer advice and assistance to them. This clickable dropdown section is a great source to know more about your products.


  • Image Optimization:
    We ensure that the images used for Premium A+ Content are of the highest quality and correct dimensions. Our designers use the most advanced image enhancement techniques, photoshopping, and editing tools to deliver exceptional image quality. Due to strict text restrictions, we focus more on design and finer detailing to convey the essence of your products and not overload your images with too much information. Bright and stunning product images grab the attention of the customers, encouraging them to explore and know more about your products and brand.
  • Content Development:
    Brief and accurate representation of your brand are at the core of our text/copies for Premium A+ Content. A seasoned team of our writers follow a focused approach and create descriptions that are short and easy to understand, and catch the reader’s attention instantly. A tremendous effort and research go into identifying the most striking attributes of your products before presenting them to your shoppers.
  • Design & Implementation:
    Our designers utilize all the modules and advanced features of Premium A+ Content for a perfect representation of your products and brand. We help you with uploads & submissions and monitor the performance of every core element of Premium A+ Content. Our team provides comprehensive assistance and editorial support needed to maintain the relevance and efficacy of your content.

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You need to sign in to your Amazon Brand Registry account and create Premium A+ content using the A+ Content Manager tool. The tool can be used for both creating a new A+ Module and editing an existing one.
To gain eligibility for Premium A+ content, you need to have published A+ brand story across your ASINs and at least 15 A+ content projects approved in the past 12 months for each Amazon store. Once you meet the criteria, a banner is displayed in the A+ content manager to confirm your access.
With Premium A+ content you can present your brand with highly-engaging visuals and content. It helps you outrank the competition, enhance your conversions and increase your sales on Amazon.
Premium A+ Content is a higher tier of Amazon's A+ Content program, which provides an even more in-depth and immersive product presentation. This level of A+ Content is more comprehensive and interactive, offering a greater level of detail and more engaging media to help increase customer engagement. The use of bright images, crisp videos, interactive comparison tables, regimen carousels, and an improved FAQ module with Premium A+ Content allows Amazon sellers to describe their brand story and products in greater detail & ultimately help in garnering more sales.
Premium A+ Content is the highest level of content management program on Amazon. It enables brands to use a range of superior features, high-quality imagery, and high-definition videos. Powerful customization tools and interactive modules give Premium A+ Content a sharper edge over basic A+ Content.
The primary benefits of using Premium A+ Content include:
  • Increased visibility and engagement with customers: By providing more detailed information about the product, you can help customers make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Better product presentation and information to help drive sales: With a more engaging product presentation, you can highlight the key features and benefits of your product, which can help drive sales.
  • Ability to differentiate your products from others on the Amazon platform: With the ability to provide more detailed product information and enhanced presentation, you can differentiate your products from others and stand out on the Amazon platform.
Premium A+ Content is only available to brand-registered brands with a brand Story published on all of their ASINs and at least 15 successful A+ Content submissions over the last 12 months. Basic A+ Content is available to all brands that are part of the Amazon Brand Registry.
In August 2022, Amazon announced to offer a free usage of Premium A+ for a promotional period. Previously, brands had to shell out $250K and $500K per product for using Premium A+ Content.
Amazon grants access to the Premium A+ Content at the end of each month. If you are eligible for Premium A+ Content based on the program’s criteria and performance standards, you will be notified. You will see a banner in the A+ Content Manager confirming your access.
To get started with Premium A+ Content on Amazon, you must first be approved to participate in the program. Once you have been approved, you can create your Premium A+ Content using Amazon's content creation tools and guidelines. You will then need to submit your content for review by Amazon, and once approved, your Premium A+ Content will be live on the Amazon website.
Yes, you can make changes to your Premium A+ Content at any time. The changes may take a few days to be reflected on the Amazon website.
It depends on whether you have been approved by Amazon to participate in the Premium A+ Content program. If you have been approved, you can use Premium A+ Content for all eligible products.
Using Premium A+ Content can help improve your product's visibility on the Amazon platform and may impact your product's ranking in Amazon search results. By providing more detailed product information, you can improve the relevancy of your product for specific keywords, which can help drive more traffic to your product page.
Yes, you can use your images and videos in Premium A+ Content. You just need to follow Amazon's regulations for images and videos. It includes requirements for image size and quality and restrictions on the type of content that can be included in videos.
In addition to the 12 basic A+ content types, Premium A+ Content offers a total of 16 interactive modules of which you can use up to 7 per product page.
This module with an image and a text box enables you to highlight the key product features and attributes. It offers the flexibility to move and place the text box wherever it fits perfectly with the image.
These are ‘chart’ modules that help you compare products and highlight their unique features. You also get Yes/No checkboxes and short text options for making comparisons across the products.
This module is a great fit for products that require detailed textual descriptions. It allows you to add in-depth product information and a bigger image to capture the viewers' attention.
In this module, you get three images and text subfields to showcase and describe your product.
This module enables you to highlight two key features, benefits, or USPs of your product. You can add two large images and sufficient text to provide the details.
In this module, you can provide four key features and benefits of your product along with a corresponding text to describe the same. You can add four large images to create an elegant and rich feel.
This is a purely graphical module with no text option as such. You can include infographics (text presented as a part of the image) and impactful lifestyle imagery to showcase your product.
In this module, you can explain the product attributes and benefits through a high-quality video. A walk-through video provides more product information as compared to a static image.
This is an interactive module with a combination of graphics and text. It enables viewers to simply hover over a product part (by creating a hotspot) to get the related information.
It is similar to Premium A+ Hotspots 1. You can also add a header and text description at the top of the module.
This module enables you to demonstrate product usage with the steps and processes involved. It allows customers to navigate through the product images with their key features and advantages. You can also present your brand story in this module.
It is an image-only module that allows a seamless image-scrolling option and helps highlight the main features of a product.
In this module, you can only add text related to your product. The text description should be attractive enough to capture the attention of the shoppers.
A combination of a short video and text, this module allows you to showcase a video along with a corresponding description. You can also alter the video and text alignment for better presentation.
You can add five key product features in this module. There’s a provision to include five videos, a logo, and a slogan for the impactful presentation of a product.
In this module, you can provide the key technical information about your product. It’s a great option for brands that sell gadgets or equipment that have a lot of technical specifications. The information should be unique and important.
This module allows you to answer customer queries, understand their expectations, and also provide more information about your products and brand. The interactive module enables you to strike up a direct conversation with your customers.
By providing customers with more detailed information about your product, you can help them make more informed purchasing decisions, which can lead to more positive reviews and ratings.
Premium A+ Content can improve the customer experience by providing customers with more detailed and engaging information about your product. With enhanced product presentations, including interactive elements like images, videos, and enhanced product descriptions, customers can better understand the product and make more informed purchasing decisions. This can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Yes, you can track the performance of your Premium A+ Content by using Amazon's reporting and analytics tools. These tools provide insights into the engagement and conversion rate of your Premium A+ Content, so you can make informed decisions about how to optimize and improve it.
Some best practices for creating effective Premium A+ Content include using high-quality images and videos, providing detailed product information, and using interactive elements like 360-degree views and product comparison charts. It is quite important to consider your target audience and their needs & use clear and concise language in your product descriptions. Also, make sure to regularly review and update your Premium A+ Content to keep it current and relevant.
Yes, you can use Premium A+ Content for products that are part of a product bundle.
Yes, you can use Premium A+ Content for products sold on Amazon international marketplaces, as long as the marketplace you are selling on supports Premium A+ Content. You will have to follow the specific rules and regulations for using Premium A+ Content on international marketplaces.
Yes, if you hire third-party services to create and publish your content it involves cost. The cost may vary depending on the size and complexity of your Premium A+ Content. Moreover, the use of Premium A+ Content is seen as an investment, as it can help increase customer engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately, sales.
You can update your Premium A+ Content on Amazon as often as needed, but it is recommended to do so regularly to ensure that your content remains up-to-date and relevant to your customers. Additionally, making updates to your content can help improve its performance and increase customer engagement.
These types of elements can help enhance the customer experience and provide a more comprehensive understanding of your product's features and benefits. It is important to ensure that the interactive elements are properly formatted and meet Amazon's regulations for using images and videos in your content.Yes, you can use interactive elements, such as 360-degree product views, in your Premium A+ Content.
Yes, you can use Premium A+ Content to create a custom product unboxing experience for your customers. For example, you can use videos or interactive images to showcase the product packaging and reveal the product for the first time. By creating a custom unboxing experience, you can increase excitement and anticipation for your product, and provide customers with a memorable and enjoyable experience.
Yes, you can use Premium A+ Content to create interactive product demonstrations or tutorials. For example, you can use videos or interactive images to show customers how to use your product, or demonstrate its features and benefits. This can help customers better understand your product and increase their likelihood of making a purchase.
Yes, you can use Premium A+ Content to create a detailed product comparison with similar products available on Amazon. For example, you can use interactive images or videos to compare the features, benefits, and selling points of your product with similar products available on Amazon. By providing a detailed product comparison, you can help customers understand why your product is a better choice, and increase the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.
Yes, absolutely! The right mix of large images, integrated videos, and interactive modules with Premium A+ content help in creating an exhilarating shopping experience. It enables you to showcase your brand story in a more visually compelling way leading to better customer engagement. As per Amazon estimates, implementing Premium A+ content can boost your sales by up to 20%.

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