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There are over 3 million active sellers across the global Amazon marketplace. The higher the numbers, the higher goes the risks of logistic errors at Amazon. If you are an Amazon FBA seller, surprise surprise, Amazon might owe you money! Yup, you read that right. Amazon owes you money in the form of FBA Reimbursements. Don’t worry, we are here to ensure that you do not lose a single penny to Amazon’s logistical mistakes. With our Amazon-compliant Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services, we help you get your rightful money back.


Some of the most common reasons why you must seek FBA Inventory Reimbursements:

  • If your inventory gets lost or damaged at the FBA warehouse
  • If FBA charges you the wrong amount of fee
  • If your inbound shipments go missing or damaged
  • If your stocks go missing from the warehouse
  • Customer return issues
  • Error in order quantities when Amazon might mix up the 2s and 3s

Each logistical error requires specific procedures to procure the FBA reimbursement. Did the list make you anxious? Relax and heave a sigh of relief because FBA Refunds is here to help!

Why Does Amazon Owe Money to Most FBA Sellers?​

With millions of products, mind boggling numbers of transactions, FBA returns, breakages and several other challenges, Amazon is in fact doing very well in keeping the mistakes to the minimal. But even with these relatively small number of errors, the dollar value of the amount in question can grow to be huge over a period of months for a decent size seller.

Considering the complexity of the entire FBA process, there are many situations where the discrepancies can creep in and cause for the seller to be short changed. For example Amazon reimbursements to the seller would be due in case of:

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Lost & Misplaced Inventory

Units lost in the Amazon warehouse.


Damaged Inventory

Units damaged within an Amazon FC after the due inward process is completed.

Amazon FBA Reimbursement Service

Returns & Refunds

Amazon refunds the money but inventory has not reached back to the warehouse.

FBA Reimbursement Services

Overcharged or Incorrect FBA fees

Charged wrongly for the products in Warehouse because of incorrect dimensions.

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Inbound Shipments Missing Inventories

Inventories missing from shipment upon arrival at Amazon FC or lost in-transit by Amazon’s logistics service.

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And Many More

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We Make FBA Reimbursements Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Are you worried about going through the complex process of reconciling, filing claims, and waiting for your money? Leave it all up to us and make Amazon reimbursements a hassle-free deal! Here’s how we work step by step to encash your Amazon FBA Seller Reimbursements:

  • Get a dedicated Refunds Manager to guide you through the entire FBA reimbursement process
  • Once the Refunds Manager has access to your logs, we begin money-hunting for you!
  • We scan through your inventory reports and sales log to mark all discrepancies
  • Being double sure never hurts! We reconcile your reports through comprehensive auditing and manual cross-referencing
  • By now, we gather all substantial data to frame a fool-proof and valid claim to seek your FBA reimbursement
  • We abide by all Amazon guidelines and file the claim for Amazon FBA Seller Reimbursement
  • Once Amazon accepts the claim, we manually track the refund process for maximum Amazon Reimbursements

Why is FBA Refunds the best Amazon Reimbursement Service you ask?

Commission After Refunds

Once we get your Amazon login credentials to access the FBA sales transactions, our Refunds Manager will import the entire sales log. This data is put through our proprietary Amazon Reimbursement process, which includes automated sifting and manual cross-checking. After creating a watertight case, complete with justification and data to support a claim for Amazon Seller Refund, we raise a case with Amazon support. We cautiously time the cases to ensure that we are not seen as clogging or manipulating the system by Amazon. Each case is religiously followed to keep up the pace and get a full refund.

Time and again, FBA Refunds proves to be the ultimate solution for Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement with the 4Cs:

  • Client-oriented
  • Cost-effective
  • Compliant with Amazon
  • Communication and transparency

We provide 100% risk-free, secure, and guaranteed FBA reimbursements that add value to your Amazon business. Pay us just a 15% commission after you get your rightful Amazon reimbursements. Each penny belongs to you, and we earn the delight of bringing you the monetary joys! We have had the delight to help our clients with over 500 Amazon Seller Reimbursements with maximum profits. Be a part of the numerous sellers who trust us with their Amazon money matters and gain a rewarding FBA Refunds experience.

How do our reconciliation services benefit you?

Reconciliation maps out the payment and inventory movements through the reports on your Amazon seller account. Many times you may miss out on noticing damaged products and missing inventories in your logs. Amazon may have miscredited the numbers and failed to update your logs correctly. This gap between actual statistics and mentioned data is the reconciliation leakage where your money slips into. With our Amazon FBA reimbursement services, reconcile your Amazon reports to maintain a healthy account, and track your payment and inventory movements. Plus, reconciliation helps you with refilling stock on time, so that your customers never have to be disappointed looking at the “out of stock” disclaimer.

Do you know why our clients love our FBA reimbursement services?

  • We free you from the monotony of meticulous report checking and filing claims
  • We provide 100% trustworthy and safe solutions to get your money back from Amazon
  • We file valid FBA inventory reimbursement claims that never miss the mark
  • Our dedicated FBA consultants communicate well with transparency and Amazon expertise
  • We save you hours of scrolling through reports and help you focus on building your business
  • We never ask for upfront payments and earn only when you get your desired maximum FBA reimbursements
  • While we work to procure your money from Amazon, the reigns of control remain in your hands
  • We seek a commission rate of just 15%, which is half the rate of what our competitors seek. And the work we do excels way ahead of their quality and prices.

Start your Amazon Reimbursement journey with FBA Refunds today!

With optimal time management and claim handling, we help you add value to your Amazon business. Claim for the right FBA reimbursements at the right time to prevent money holes from making your business hollow! Optimal account health, sure shot Amazon reimbursement claims, and maximum refunds that go right back into your pockets, FBA Refunds does it all. Contact us today and wait no longer to claim what’s yours with the best Amazon FBA reimbursement services. 

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Let’s see if we can cover it in these FAQs:

We stick to Amazon guidelines to provide you with optimal Amazon FBA reimbursement services. As per Amazon, we ask you for 18 months of inventory reports for FBA Inventory Reimbursements and 9 months of logs for shipment-based FBA reimbursements.
Of course, you may! But reconciliation and filing claims is a tiring task that can take up a lot of your precious time. With FBA Refunds, you can get your Amazon seller reimbursements while you dedicate your valuable time towards building your business on Amazon.
Automated claims are quick and easy to process but pose the risk of erroneous data and invalid claims. Amazon often rejects automated claims due to data errors and makes your efforts go futile. At FBA Refunds, we manually file and process claims for sure shot Amazon acceptance and guaranteed maximum refunds.
At FBA Refunds, we uphold client satisfaction as our primary agenda. In case of any such dissatisfaction regarding the reimbursed amount, we run a follow-up on the claim to help you gain the right amount that your account deserves.
We dedicatedly stay compliant with the terms and conditions of Amazon. Abiding by Amazon guidelines is our primary step towards ensuring secure Amazon seller reimbursements. The refunds manager works with absolute transparency and keeps you aware of the chain of actions. With zero communication gaps and 100% Amazon compliance, we seal all reconciliation gaps with guaranteed refunds.
Amazon FBA reimbursement is a refund that Amazon issues to a seller for lost or damaged inventory, incorrect fees, or other errors that occur during the fulfillment process.
If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you may be eligible for reimbursement if Amazon loses or damages your inventory, charges you incorrect fees, or makes other errors that affect your bottom line.
You can request an Amazon FBA reimbursement by submitting a claim through the Amazon Seller Central platform.
The length of time it takes to receive an Amazon FBA reimbursement varies, but most claims are resolved within a few weeks.
Amazon determines the value of lost or damaged inventory by using the selling price of the item at the time it was lost or damaged, minus any applicable fees.
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