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Amazon’s growing prominence in the e-commerce retail world is not a hidden secret. It has become a part of almost every shopper’s purchase journey. But when it comes to selling on Amazon things may not be so simple. Navigating through the tricky Amazon marketplace, the strains of competing and standing out from the rest may get really overwhelming. Amazon FBA is one such facility that has made it incredibly easy for sellers to start or grow their existing online businesses. It is a great platform to seamlessly integrate your business into the ever-expansive Amazon landscape.

We offer our Amazon FBA Consulting Services to manage end-to-end logistics and streamline the entire process of handling the ins and outs of selling on Amazon FBA. Our team oversees all your orders that are handled by Amazon, right from packing to shipping, inventory to customer support, etc. We closely manage and monitor your Amazon FBA business for optimal results and performance.



We help you obtain FBA eligibility by following the necessary product restrictions and inventory requirements for FBA.
Amazon FBA involves fees, therefore we analyze and project what your profit margins would be after enrolment; we also provide assistance for enrollment in specialized programs for product types with lower fees.
We ensure that genuine information is provided to Amazon for fulfillment and that the product listings comply with the FBA guidelines; all the package designing, documentation, and labeling are strictly FBA compliant for smooth logistics and supply chain movement.
We handle the entire process of creation of shipment plans in Seller Central for sending products to Amazon for fulfillment.
Amazon has certain hidden fees that are difficult to view and comprehend in seller central; we help you determine and negotiate lower fees if there’s a scope for it and audit your listings for any mismatches in weight/sizes in FBA shipments to avoid unnecessary charges.



Hassle-free Shipping and Logistics– You just need to keep a track of your product listings and ensure there’s enough stock for processing your orders. Amazon does the major heavy-lifting for you and takes care of the rest through fulfillment. You can relieve yourself of a major burden by availing of our Amazon FBA Consulting Services.

Subsidized Shipping Rates-Amazon is a global fulfillment giant. You can substantially reduce your shipping costs when using the FBA facility. It is a paid service but eventually, you will realize that it’s still feasible and cheaper than managing the entire shipments & logistics on your own.

Return Management-Managing returns is again something that requires precision and involvement. Return and refunds are considered a part of the fulfillment process. So with FBA, you get one more burden off your shoulders.

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Customer Service Management- Amazon’s customer service handles all customer inquiries, returns, and refunds related issues on behalf of FBA sellers. There’s also a provision for routing your own customer service requirements through the FBA platform.

Quick & Reliable Delivery-FBA products receive a Prime badge which makes them eligible for Prime free shipping and quick deliveries for customers. You don’t need to pay any premium charges as it is a part of the service.

Ample Storage Space-One of the biggest advantages of Fulfillment by Amazon is the amount of storage you get for your goods. Moving and managing inventory on that scale is not easy. With Amazon’s gigantic infrastructure, storage space is never an issue. You get access to the vast storage space (for a cost) in Amazon’s warehouses, thus scaling your business is always within your bounds.

Multi-Channel Amazon Fulfillment Center- In addition to catering to your targeted Amazon customers, Amazon ships and handles inventory that is being sold on other e-commerce platforms and channels as well.

The Buy Box advantage-Sellers with professional seller accounts who use Amazon FBA to sell their products have better chances of winning a Buy Box. The majority of Amazon sales are from the Buy Box in a product listing. Winning the Buy Box often leads to a huge surge in your sales.

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