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Amazon is an excellent platform for sellers who want to expand their online business and reach out to an ever-widening customer base. The possibilities are immense, but to succeed a proper strategy and understanding of the nuances of Amazon and the overall e-commerce ecosystem is a must. New sellers find navigating through Amazon somewhat intimidating. The expansive nature of the world’s largest e-commerce website does surely need a plan to get things right on the platform.

We at eStore Factory, provide consultancy services to brands that want to expand and strengthen their presence on Amazon.


It is a typical practice to optimize your product listings for a higher ranking on Amazon. It includes the use of well-researched keywords, optimized product listings, enhanced images and videos, strategic advertising campaigns, competitive pricing, and a lot more. An effective SEO strategy can win you a spot where everybody can see you. Our SEO team at eStore Factory makes sure that your potential customer is able to find you on the platform.
Searching for a product is crucial before purchasing on Amazon. If your product is not indexed with the right keywords it won’t surface in the search results, thus you may miss a potential sale. In-depth keyword research that includes both long and short-tail keywords can play a key role in attracting higher visibility and sales on Amazon. We provide keyword research services for effective product listing optimizations, strategic PPC campaigns, and improved rankings to boost your sales and profitability.
The product listing optimization is the process of refining Amazon product listing to improve rankings & the overall revenue. All the key elements of a listing – title, bullet points, description, images, and backend keywords are properly screened. A fine-tuned product listing brings higher visibility and an increase in conversion rates. Counted as one of the best Amazon consultants in the country, we create high-quality product listings to convert most browsers into buyers.
Amazon PPC is an advertising option that operates on a pay-per-click basis. You are only charged for clicks on Ads by shoppers. There’s flexibility in fixing a budget and a bid per click. A carefully designed & well-monitored Ad campaign increases visibility and your product sales. We provide the most efficient marketing services for Amazon and are amongst the top-rated, best Amazon consultants globally.
A+ Content is a refurbished version of product listing that allows sellers to share their brand story with enhanced imagery and video content. It is an effective way to create customer trust, acquire a higher ranking and build long-term customer loyalty. Our designers at eStore Factory will produce Amazon A+ Content to match your brand needs.
Online shoppers rely heavily on product images before making a purchase. So their buying decision is more of a visual judgment. A crisp and clear product image that conveys product details properly will not only attract sales but build customer loyalty and create a better image for the brand. We provide 3600 product photography, larger-than-life lifestyle shots, plain white background images, appealing infographics etc. for Amazon.
An Amazon Storefront is an excellent medium for sellers to create an immersive and personalized experience for the buyers. The Storefront is not simply about displaying and selling products, it is a great platform to strengthen a brand’s overall value proposition. Various tools and customized options available in Amazon Storefront help in creating impressive and multimedia-rich content for your brand store. Our team carefully analyzes your products before suggesting an end-to-end storefront design solution.
When you expand your business horizon to enter other international Amazon marketplaces, there’s a need for localizing your content to suit the sensibilities of shoppers there. Product listing translations done by professional native speakers will always stand out as they are fully conversant with local culture and the social backdrop of that country. With a specialized team of native language translators, we are considered one of the most credible and best Amazon consultants for non-mainstream language localization requirements.


  • We help you in account creation and its ongoing setup.
  • We deploy all necessary tools for extensive keyword and competitor research.
  • We take care of the account management for the seller/vendor central.
  • We oversee all your marketing activities for Amazon.
  • We help you develop a robust and comprehensive seller strategy.
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