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Amazon Brand Registry is a program that helps to protect your brand’s intellectual property. Any violations or IP infringements can easily be detected and reported by Amazon for stringent action. In addition to the protection of your brand, Amazon Brand Registry has a full suite of features to assist brands with better discoverability and improved conversions. Registered sellers can access detailed analytics and other pertinent information to support their sales and provide a better shopping experience to customers. As your Amazon consulting experts, we will manage all your brand registry requirements to help protect your brand’s presence and establish a thriving business on Amazon.


The primary steps involved in Amazon Brand Registry enrollment process are as follows:

  • Confirm Trademark
  • Sign up for a Brand Registry account
  • Complete the application and register your company with Amazon Brand Registry
  • Verify Trademark
  • Activate Brand Registry




  • Product listing & brand protection:
    Product listings are one of the easiest to manipulate. Amazon Brand Registry ensures that your product information is safe and you have sufficient control over your listings and brand. Once you register in the program, you can decide on how you want to display your listings and promote your products. Your advertising data is also completely secure as a registered brand and your advertisements are recognized and given higher priority by Amazon. Strict action is taken against unauthorized sellers to prevent any fraudulent activity or attempt to jeopardize your brand’s image and reputation. Any case of evidenced infringement or violation by suspicious sellers is sternly handled by Amazon. Brand Registry also acts as a gateway for some additional brand protection (paid) services like Project Zero and Transparency.
  • Allow brands to distinguish their products:
    With Amazon Brand Registry you gain access to A+ Content, an impactful way to showcase your brand and product listings. It allows you to create rich content by adding extra information, interesting modules, charts, lifestyle images, and your unique brand story. A+ Content overrides your product description and communicates the true essence of your products and brand. A well-designed, accurate and impressive A+ Content and powerful representation of your products draw customer attention, leading to more conversions and sales for your business.
  • Amazon Brand Stores:
    Getting access to and creating Amazon Brand Stores is one of the prime benefits of Brand Registry. A brand store is a centralized multi-page destination for your brand within Amazon. You can offer a website-like shopping experience to your customers, showcase your products in an organized way, share your brand story and drive awareness about your entire range. Brand stores allow you to make pages specifically for deals, refurbish your store for seasonal events and create a personalized shopping experience for your customers.
  • Sponsored Brand Ads:
    Sponsored Brand ads appear at important placements like on top of Amazon search page, product details pages, and towards the left and bottom of search results, making them highly visible. The ads feature your brand logo and custom headline to grab the attention of the shoppers and build awareness around your brand. Sponsored Brand ads can be utilized for increasing the discoverability and visibility of your products across Amazon.
  • Sponsored Display Ads:
    With Sponsored Display Ads, you can target customers from your competitors’ detail page, search results pages, your product detail page, and even off-Amazon websites using remarketing techniques. The ads are immensely helpful in attracting relevant traffic and customers to your detail page. It is important to keep your prices competitive enough to extract maximum benefits from these ads.
  • Amazon Posts:
    Amazon Posts is a feature that enables registered brands to promote their products by using a social media-like feed within Amazon. Brands that are active on social media platforms can easily repurpose their existing content for Amazon to draw relevant audiences and increase product visibility. The Amazon Posts feature is only available to US sellers/vendors.
  • Amazon Live:
    Amazon Live Allows Sellers To Stream Live Videos To Interact With Customers. It Is A Great Medium To Make Live Product Demos, Answer Queries, Showcase Your Range, And Share Information About Your New Products. Once The Live Streaming Is Over Your Video Stays On The Product Page, Thus Enriching Your Existing Content With Detailed Explanations About Your Products And Their Features. Currently, Amazon Live Is Only Available To Registered Us Sellers Or Vendors With Approved Amazon Stores And Amazon Influencers With An Active Influencer Storefront. Amazon Live Is Optimized For Iphones Or Ipads Only.
  • Amazon Vine:
    Amazon Is A Program Available To Registered Brand Sellers That Facilitate Unbiased Communication Between Selected Reviewers, Enrolled Sellers, And Buyers. Once You Enroll In The Program, You Can Submit Products To Be Reviewed And Receive Genuine Feedback. The Core Objective Is To Provide Reliable Reviews And Honest Assessments To Help Buyers. Amazon Vine Is A Legitimate Way To Attract More Reviews For Your Products And Improve Customer Trust In Your Brand.
  • Manage Your Experiments:
    Manage Your Experiments Is A Tool That Allows Registered Sellers To Run A/b Tests On Their A+ Content, Product Titles, And Product Images. By Comparing Two Versions Of Content Against Each Other, You Can Experiment And Review Which Performs Better. Appropriate Action Can Be Taken Across Your Brand And Asins, Based On The Results You Get. With Experiments, You Get A Fair Idea About The Improvements That Can Be Made In The Content To Add More Appeal To Draw More Customers, Conversions, And Sales.
  • Amazon Brand Analytics:
    Building A Brand And Strengthening Its Credibility Requires Continuous Effort. A Reliable Data Source And Accurate Information About Your Customer’s Activity Is Immensely Helpful In Your Brand Development. Registered Brands Can Avail Of Amazon Brand Analytics To Get Detailed Reports About Customers’ Search And Purchase Behaviors. The Insights Into Customers’ Search Terms & Purchase Data Help Improve Your Product Offerings And Marketing Strategy. Brand Analytics Is A Great Resource For Businesses To Solidify Their Brand And Establish Trustful Relationships With Their Customers.
  • Amazon Virtual Product Bundles:
    The Virtual Bundles Tool Is Currently Available To Brand-registered Us Sellers Only And Offers The Ability To Bundle 2-5 Complementary Products To Sell Them From A Single Product Detail Page. You Don’t Need To Physically Package Your Products Or Make Changes In The Fba Inventory. By Simply Combining Multiple Products In A Virtual Bundle, You Can Save Time And Also Lend A Seamless Shopping Experience To Your Customers. Product Bundles Allow You To Offer Discounts Making It A Viable Shopping Option For Your Customers. You Must Ensure That Your Prices Are Lower Than Or Equal To The Sum Total Of The Individual Prices Of Products In The Bundle.
  • Brand Catalog Manager:
    The Brand Catalog Manager Tool Provides Information About Who Is Selling Your Products, Customer Brand Experience & Response, And Projected Product Sales Opportunities. So, You Can Review All Sellers, Understand Who Is Currently Listing Your Products, And Accordingly Make Changes To Provide A Better Shopping Experience To Your Customers. You Can Also Add Offers And Expand Your Sales Opportunities.
  • Amazon Attribution:
    It Is A Tool Created By Amazon To Allow Brand-registered Sellers To Measure The Performance Of Their External Advertising Efforts. You Get Detailed Information And Valuable Insights About Off-amazon Marketing Channels That Can Be Utilized To Expand And Grow Your Business. All The Metrics Related To Social Media Marketing, Video Or Email Marketing, And Their Impact On Your Roi Can Easily Be Measured With Amazon Attribution.



Amazon Brand Registry is a program offered by Amazon that helps brand owners to protect their intellectual property rights and control their brand presence on the Amazon marketplace.
To enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • You must have an active registered trademark.
  • You must be the owner of the trademark or have an exclusive license to use it.
  • You must have an Amazon seller account and be able to verify that you are the brand owner or authorized agent.
  • Your products must be in compliance with Amazon’s policies and guidelines.
To apply for Amazon Brand Registry, you need to create an account on the Amazon Brand Registry website, provide your brand’s registered trademark information, and provide other relevant details about your brand.
The benefits of enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry include:
  • Enhanced brand protection and control over your product listings on Amazon’s marketplace.
  • Access to tools and services to help you enforce your intellectual property rights, such as the Brand Registry Investigations team and the Amazon Brand Registry Program.
  • Improved visibility and discoverability of your products through Amazon’s search and browse features, such as the Brand Store and Sponsored Brands.
  • Access to valuable data and insights about your brand’s performance on Amazon’s marketplace, such as sales, traffic, and customer behavior metrics.
Amazon’s Brand Dashboard encapsulates the benefits you have access to as a brand registered business owner:
  • Brand Health Tools
  • Competitive Price Tool
  • Prime Eligibility tool
  • In-stock rate
  • Search Terms Optimizer
  • Customer Reviews
  • Brand Benefits
  • Brand Analytics
  • Stores
  • A+ Content
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display
  • Amazon Live
  • Amazon Attribution
  • Manage Your Experiments
  • Vine
  • Upload and Manage Videos
  • Subscribe and Save
  • Product Bundles
To maximize the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry, you should:
  • Ensure that your brand information and product listings are accurate, complete, and up-to-date
  • Enforce your intellectual property rights by monitoring for counterfeit or infringing products and taking appropriate action to remove them
  • Use the available tools and services to enhance your product listings and increase your brand visibility and discoverability, such as A+ content and Sponsored Brands
  • Engage with your customers and solicit their feedback and reviews to improve your product offerings and customer satisfaction


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