Amazon Marketing Services



Advertising your products in the highly competitive and crowded Amazon marketplace and making them stand out from the rest is crucial for your business growth. Creating differentiation in a pool of similar products can prove challenging. Moreover, organically ranking on the first page is not a mean task. So, the best way to showcase your products and draw potential customers is by utilizing the powerful marketing and advertising capabilities of Amazon.

Amazon Marketing Services primarily include the pay-per-click ads targeted to drive traffic to your product detail page and brand pages. It is the most effective and reliable promotional opportunity available on Amazon Platform.


  • Sponsored Products:
    Sponsored Products are pay-per-click ads that use keywords and product targeting to advertise individual products and appear alongside other products on the search results page or in a carousel on a product detail page.
  • Sponsored Brands:
    Sponsored brands are also pay-per-click ads that use keyword targeting, but instead of advertising a single product, the ads showcase multiple products at a time.
  • Sponsored Display:
    These pay-per-click ads appear on product detail pages, and customer review pages and show up at different stages of a customer’s buying journey both on and off Amazon, taking into view the shopping interests of the buyer.
  • Amazon DSP:
    Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) enables brands to programmatically buy video and ad placements based on Amazon’s data intelligence and displays ads both on and off Amazon platforms.
  • Amazon Brand Store:
    Amazon Brand Store allows brands to set up an online store to exclusively showcase their products in an individualized brand destination and provide a great shopping experience to customers.
  • Amazon Posts:
    Amazon Posts are similar to short posts on social media platforms that are meant to communicate with potential customers through captivating images and compelling captions.
  • Amazon Live:
    Amazon Live is a live streaming service that allows brands to promote their products by interacting directly with shoppers and presenting their products in an interesting format by hosting livestreams for customers on Amazon.
  • Amazon Attribution:
    Amazon Attribution is a marketing and analytics tool that helps brands gauge the performance of their off-Amazon marketing channels and the way they drive external traffic to listings.




Setting up profitable advertising campaigns and adopting a fool-proof strategy for managing those campaigns will help to increase visibility, drive traffic and maximize your sales. It is essential to know how you can leverage Amazon Marketing Services to reach its full potential. With a blend of sponsored product ads, product display ads, and sponsored Brand Ads, experts at eStore Factory will create ad campaigns tailored for your catalog, brand, and products.

We offer our comprehensive assistance to:
  • Help vendors and sellers maximize the return on Amazon Marketing Services by optimizing their campaigns and boosting their sales.
  • Extensively work to optimize, refurbish and manage your ongoing campaigns.
  • Create new campaigns to ensure that we meet our client’s budget, traffic requirements, and sales growth and ROI goals.
  • Make your products reach a broad spectrum of the customer base in a short period.
  • Drive traffic to your brand pages and Amazon storefront.
  • Ensure cost-effectiveness by paying only when the customer clicks on your ads.
  • Give your prospective buyers a brand-driven shopping experience.
  • Utilize Amazon Marketing Services to specifically target buyers and not just viewers.
  • Use keyword-driven ad campaigns to drive visibility with three primary ad types and multiple choice of placements.
Product Keyword Research


Pay-per-click campaigns being a keyword-driven advertising program, it is essential to conduct an in-depth keyword analysis before starting with the creation of ad campaigns.
With a proven experience in launching new products on Amazon, we are fully equipped to advertise your products to gain maximum returns in a short period.
Optimization and management of your ongoing low-performing campaigns by setting up of right bids, weeding out non-converting keywords, and adding profitable keywords from the search term report.
Out-sell your peers by setting a competitive bid as advertising at Amazon does not stop just by creating campaigns; strategic bid adjustments daily are essential to increase the chances of showing up your ad but also stop irrelevant spending.
To target more traffic on your detail page, we use multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to make sure more and more customers are driven toward your products.
We work based on the target, budget, and requirement pre-set by our client. This practice ensures that you get the best possible return on investment for every penny you spend on each keyword.
Daily reporting as well as sales projection estimates and campaign performance, reports on a weekly and monthly basis help you stay updated about the overall performance of your Pay-per-click ads.
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