Product Content Translation For Amazon Listings



Engage Your Global Audiences In Native Language

If you have managed to break into the international Amazon marketplaces, you will first need to localize your product content. Computerized translators and tools are not reliable and they can risk your brand image with their embarrassing errors and irrelevant sentence formation. Your product catalog translation should be done by professionals who are thoroughly familiar with the culture and language of the country you intend to sell. eStore Factory’s in-country translators specialize in translating content for Amazon products in the European marketplace, allowing you to expand your reach in more niche and non-mainstream languages. We can help you translate your product title, bullet points, description and care instructions among other things on your product detail page. As we work with native translators from all over the world, the product content translation done by us conveys the impression that was originally planned for them and is received well by the shoppers in the target marketplace. Whatever the niche you are selling in or the volume of content you have, our industry-expert translators can manage it all.


We work with native translators from different parts of the world, ensuring you get the right talent for your job. No tools, No automation.
All the contents are proofread and verified by our professional editors and grammatical experts for complete quality assurance.
Get your listing up and running in no time. Our efficient and professional translation process makes sure your translations get done on time and budget.
We specialize in translating product listing content for Amazon marketplaces, from English to German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian, and vise-versa.
German Flag German

Lassen Sie Ihr Produktangebot von einer deutschen Person mit deutscher Muttersprache übersetzen und lektorieren. Unsere Übersetzer kennen sich gut mit der Amazon-Terminologie aus und werden die Heiligkeit Ihrer Produkt-Schlüsselwörter und USP-Phrasen beibehalten.

Spanish Flag SPANISH

Haga que su lista sea traducida y revisada por alguien cuya lengua materna sea el francés. Nuestros traductores dominan el vocabulario de Amazon y mantendrán la santidad de las palabras clave de su producto y las frases de la USP.

French Flag FRENCH

Faites traduire et relire votre listing par une personne dont la langue maternelle est le français. Nos traducteurs maitrisent le vocabulaire amazon et maintiendront le caractère sacré de vos mots-clés de produits et de vos phrases USP.

Italian Flag ITALIAN

Fatevi tradurre l'elenco dei prodotti e fatelo correggere da una persona di madrelingua italiana. I nostri traduttori hanno esperienza con la terminologia di Amazon e manterranno la sacralità delle parole chiave dei vostri prodotti e delle frasi USP.

Dutch Flag DUTCH

Laat je productlijst vertalen en nalezen door iemand die Nederlands als moedertaal heeft. Onze vertalers hebben ervaring met de terminologie die gebruikt wordt op Amazon en zullen de authenticiteit van je product trefwoorden & USP-zinnen behouden.

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