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Make the most of your brand registry, give your traditional FBA description a sophisticated refurbishing and make your presence felt amongst your competitors with eStore Factory’s Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Services. With our Amazon A+ Content Services, we will help you draw more potential customers by crafting engaging and informative product listings.

Your A+ Page represents your brand on Amazon. Just like you need a trustworthy company for creating your website or brand graphics, you will need an experienced and professional firm like eStore Factory for building Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. With an experience of creating 5000+ Amazon EBC designs from scratch, we are proud to call ourselves “pros” when it comes to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content design. A Plus Content will help you create a unique brand identity and a stronger presence on Amazon. Our creative graphic designers and copywriters have all the skills necessary to develop high-quality Amazon A+ design that actually convert and beat the competition. Hiring expert Amazon A+ Content services will give you the peace of mind that you will be delivered only the best and in a timely manner.


  • Create All Marketplace Friendly Amazon EBC Content design: Engage your global audience in their native language. By paying a minimal translation cost, you can make your Enhanced Brand Content all marketplace friendly. eStore Factory’s Amazon Enhanced Brand Content service is a no-hassle solution to get your EBC content created, optimized and translated.
  • In-House Team Of Amazon EBC Designers: We don’t outsource any part of the Amazon EBC creation process. We have a huge team of creative design nerds, experienced content writers, and professional project managers to create and manage prolific Amazon A+ Page Design for all types of brands.
  • Professional Amazon A+ Content Design On A Shoestring: No matter how big or small order is, we take great pride in delivering stunning results for every product. Our Amazon A+ Content Agency utilizes professional imagery, highlights unique features and benefits, and establishes a marketing strategy with informative & engaging A+ Content. Whether it’s the name bands and newbies, we have worked with all of them and tried to meet every expectation.

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Image Optimization & Enhancement:

  • Making the images EBC-ready by ensuring the correct dimensions and pixel quality
  • Using in-trend tools, photoshop techniques and editing skills to enhance the look of your product-in white images
  • Creating easy to digest infographic images to make your Enhanced Brand Content design information-rich yet not information-heavy
  • Creation of larger-than-life hero images that compels every shopper to stop, look and explore your Enhanced Brand Content
  • For products that do not have lifestyle images, we create lifestyle composite images where your product is photoshopped into a professional stock photo

Creative Content Creation:

  • A dedicated team of content writing professionals to create a product description that instantly clicks the reader’s mind
  • Accurate representation of your brand story, company guidelines, ethics and brand theme
  • Thorough product and competitor research to identify and highlight the stand-out features and USPs of your product.
  • We make a copy that stresses on “what” makes your product different and “why” should a shopper purchase your product
  • Powerful, SEO friendly and keyword-rich copies to drive more traffic and reach more customers

Custom Design, Implementation & Submission:

  • Crafting custom layout that perfectly fits your product and its category
  • Uploading and monitoring all the aspects of Amazon Enhanced Content submission via Seller Central & Vendor Central
  • Creation of meta-tag keywords which can be used while uploading Amazon EBC Content
  • Constant assistance and editorial feedback


What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A plus content is a premium content feature that allows brands to enhance their product listings with additional text, high-quality images, comparison charts, and other multimedia content. The aesthetically presented content provides an informative and engaging shopping experience for customers.

Who can use Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content is available to brands and sellers that are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program.

How do I create Amazon A+ Content?

You need to be a brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry to create Amazon A plus content. If you’re not, our Amazon consulting agency will help you with the brand registry and create A+ Content for you.

What is the difference between A+ Content and EBC?

Amazon A plus Content is the modified form of Enhanced Brand Content. Previously, EBC was meant only for sellers & A+ Content was for vendors. But eventually the line between Seller and Vendor central blurred, and now A+ Content is available on both platforms with the same name. Today EBC and A+ Content essentially mean the same thing.

Can I use self-owned images in Amazon A+ Content?

Yes, you can use your images in Amazon A plus Content, as long as they comply with Amazon’s image guidelines.

Can I use HTML or CSS in my Amazon A+ Content?

No, you cannot use HTML or CSS in your Amazon A plus Content. You must use the A+ Content Manager to create and edit your content.

Can I add customer reviews to my Amazon A+ Content?

No, customer reviews cannot be added to Amazon A plus Content.

Can I use Amazon A+ Content for products in multiple languages?

Yes, you can use Amazon A+ Content for products in multiple languages by creating separate A+ content for each language.

How many modules does Amazon A+ Content have?

You can select a maximum of seven modules out of 17 basic module types available in Amazon A plus Content.

How can I add a module to A+ Content?

In the ‘Create your content’ section, you can click ‘Add module’ to select a module. Once it is added to the content layout, you can similarly add other modules.

What type of modules can I add to A+ Content?

You can add the following modules:
  • Logo
  • Amazon image text modules
  • Comparison chart modules
  • Banner modules
  • Product specification modules
  • Carousel module
  • Modules with bulleted feature lists
  • Standard text-only modules

Why do my A+ content images appear blurry?

There’s a maximum size limit for images listed next to each template box. Large images are resized to fit the template box. But the images smaller than the template limits can’t resize and thus look blurry. It is advisable to check the correct image sizes for each module template.

Does Amazon A+ Content help in SEO?

A+ Content enables you to present the product features and benefits more effectively. Including enhanced images, better text placements and a unique brand story lead to improved search engine rankings and higher conversions. A+ Content not only helps your customers get detailed information about your products and brand but also bolsters your SEO strategy.

What are the key guidelines for creating A+ Content?

A few of the guidelines are:
  • Ensure your images are not low-quality or hazy.
  • Strictly avoid using links that direct shoppers out of the Amazon marketplace.
  • Promoting your products with words like ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ must be avoided.
  • Thoroughly check your content for spelling and grammar

What makes good A+ Content?

Good A+ Content complies with Amazon’s guidelines and the overall content is relevant, accurate, and engaging for customers. Being able to communicate the true essence of your products and providing vital details that customers need, is one of the key aspects of good A+ Content. A proper understanding of your products and brand establishes trust & builds long-term customer loyalty.

How do I optimize A+ Content?

Some important tips to optimize your A+ Content are:
  • Create concise & engaging content
  • Utilize high-performing keywords
  • Add high-quality images
  • Make refinements based on your product reviews
  • Convey the true identity of your brand

Where does A+ Content appear?

A+ Content shows up on the product listing page under the product description section. Amazon A+ Content provides the freedom to completely customize your product descriptions and capture the attention of your customers.

Does A+ Content replace regular product descriptions?

Yes, it replaces your conventional textual product description. But you can still access product descriptions in Seller Central and incorporate relevant keywords in it.

What is the specialty of A+ Content?

The usual Amazon product descriptions feature long plain text which may not ignite a shopper’s interest. Amazon A plus Content is an incredible platform for sellers to present their products appealingly by using various creative elements.

How can I benefit from A+ Content?

Eye-catching product listings created using A+ Content grab the attention of shoppers and inspire them to make purchases. Detailed descriptions, stunning product images, multimedia content, charts, etc., can help showcase key features and benefits of your products more effectively.

What is A+ Content Manager?

Amazon A+ Content Manager is a powerful tool that enables brands to add detailed descriptions, charts, high-quality images, etc., and draw qualified traffic, increase conversions & drive more sales for their business.

How does Amazon review A+ Content?

Amazon performs both automated and manual reviews of all text and images within your Amazon A+ Content. It includes text boxes, images, keywords, text embedded in images, etc.

Is Amazon A+ content indexed on Amazon?

The way usual product descriptions get indexed on Amazon, A+ Content doesn’t. So it becomes all the more important to add keywords in other parts of your product listing. However, it must be noted that images and information in your A+ Content are indexed by Google.

How will I know about the approval or rejection of my A+ Content?

You need to check the content status in A+ Content Manager. If it shows ‘approved’ it means your content is live. The content that doesn’t abide by Amazon’s best practices will show a ‘rejected’ content status.

Can I preview Amazon A plus content?

Once your A+ Content is created, you can save it as a draft. On the top of your saved content, there’s an option to see a preview of A+ Content for both desktop and mobile versions.

Can I work with more than one brand in the A+ Content Manager?

Yes! A multi-brand business can see all brands listed with Amazon Brand Registry in A+ Content Manager. By making sure that your seller central account and brand registry account are connected, you can have the entire list of your brands within A+ Content Manager.

Why is my A+ Content being rejected?

One of the major reasons could be not following Amazon’s stipulated guidelines or using prohibited content. If you do not abide by Amazon’s approval system, it leads to the rejection of your A+ Content.

How can I add comparison charts to my Amazon A+ Content?

You can add comparison charts in Amazon A plus Content by creating a new section in the A+ Content Manager and selecting the “Comparison Chart” template.

How can I find products with A+ Content?

Products with A+ Content will have a ‘More Product Information’ link on the product detail page.

Does A+ Content affect the price of a product?

No, A+ Content does not affect the price of a product.

Are all products on Amazon eligible for A+ Content?

No, A+ Content is only available for products that are part of the brand’s registered portfolio.

How often should I update my A+ content?

It depends on your product and market, but it’s a good idea to update your A+ content regularly to keep it fresh and relevant.

Is there a fee to use the A+ Content Manager?

No, there is no fee to use the A+ Content Manager.

Is A+ Content only available for selected products?

A+ Content is currently available for a wide range of products, including household items, beauty products, electronics, and more.

How can I hire a service to create A+ Content for my products?

You can hire a service by searching for companies that specialize in creating A+ content and submitting proposals for your products.

How much does it cost to hire a service for A+ Content?

The cost of hiring a service for A+ Content will primarily depend on the types of products you sell and the total number of A+ product listings you want to create. So it can vary depending on the service you choose.

What should I look for in a company when hiring a service for A+ Content?

Look for a company with experience and expertise in creating A+ Content, as well as a good track record of delivering high-quality content.

How long does it take for A+ content to be created?

The creation of the visuals and copy is a time-intensive job. But the time taken to complete an A+ Content project also depends on factors like the expertise and headcount of the company you have hired, the volume of work, your product portfolio, and the complexity of the content.

How do I approve the A+ content created by the service?

You can review the A+ content based on how it has transformed the existing Amazon product listings and made them more appealing. The potential to boost product visibility, drive higher sales, and provide a formidable edge over your competitors is equally important.

What are the benefits of using A+ Content?

A+ Content captures the attention of potential customers with stunning visuals and product details. The easy-to-skim information brings your products to the limelight and develops confidence & trust. Improved customer engagement, better product visibility, and the ability to differentiate products from competitors are some key benefits of A+ Content. It further translates into higher conversions, better customer reviews, and reduced return rates for your products.

Can I use A+ Content to promote my products on other websites?

No, A+ Content can only be used to promote products on Amazon.

Can I make changes to my A Plus content after it has been approved by Amazon?

Yes, you can make changes to your A Plus content once it has been approved by Amazon, but you will have to resubmit it for review.

How do I know if my products are eligible for A Plus content?

You can submit your products for review to Amazon to determine if they are eligible for A Plus content.

How can I ensure my A Plus content is mobile-friendly?

You can ensure your A Plus content is mobile-friendly by using responsive design and ensuring that content and images are optimized for smaller screens.

Can I use A Plus content for my products in multiple marketplaces?

Yes, you can create A Plus content for your products in multiple marketplaces if they are eligible.

Is there a limit to the amount of A Plus content I can create for my products?

There is no limit to the amount of A Plus content you can create for your products, but you should ensure that it is relevant and helpful for customers.

What are the content errors to be avoided in A+ Content?

In addition to not using some special characters and symbols – the copyright sign, registered trademark, and brand symbols cannot be included in A+ Content. You may add an internal link to an ASIN within a module, but a hyperlink to an external website can’t be used.

Where will my product description go once I create A+ Content?

The product description remains on the detail page (for vendors). And for sellers, it is usually replaced by A+ Content. Only the older pages created before the merger of EBC and A+ Content may still show the product description. You can access the product description in Seller Central, infuse it with the right keywords and maintain its quality as Amazon may index it for relevant keywords.

How can you track Amazon A+ Content experiments?

You can choose the most engaging A+ Content for your listings by using the ‘Manage your experiments’ feature. It allows you to design a perfect content strategy by providing data and statistics about your sales growth.

Can I use my branding in Amazon A+ content?

Yes, you can use your branding in your Amazon A plus content. You can include your logo, brand colors, and other elements that reflect your brand identity.

How much does eStore Factory charge for creating Amazon A+ content?

The cost of creating Amazon A+ content depends on the level of service you choose. For basic A+ Content (from templates) the price is $99 per product and for additional services such as custom design and development, it is $199 per product.

How long does it take to create A+ Content?

We usually take 2-4 business days to design and finalize A+ Content for a single product.

How do I approve the A+ Content created by your agency?

We provide A+ Content draft which includes designed images and written content for your product(s). You can thoroughly review it before giving your final approval. Any changes in the design or content are always welcome to help you meet your specific requirements.

Is Amazon A+ Content worth it?

A+ Content is one of the most dynamic platforms to boost your sales on Amazon. It helps you showcase your products in the best light, presents their distinctive qualities, and increases your conversion rates. You can certainly expect a better ROI and a substantial surge in your sales by using A+ Content.


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