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To make your product stand out in this massive eCommerce marketplace is something every Amazon seller finds difficulty in. While advertising will give your product a short term boost and a good start, Amazon SEO Optimization is a principal investment that proves to be profitable in the long run. Optimizing Amazon listing is a key ingredient in a brand’s seller metrics; it significantly drives traffic and contributes to converting sales to a great extent.

eStore Factory’s Amazon Optimization Services will create a listing that will appeal to both Amazon and its shoppers. Our expert Amazon Listing Copywriters creates precisely crafted compelling content, using sales inducing language to make sure the maximum of your prospective buyers are converted into sales. We then incorporate the most important and sales-driving keywords to maximize visibility and traffic. Discover what our Amazon Search Engine Optimization service can do for your organic sales and conversion rates. Buy our Amazon Product Listing Services now!


  • A powerful, reader-friendly and keyword infused, concise and sharp yet vivid title
  • Five bullet points consisting of all the crucial and necessary product information and key points
  • Comprehensive and appealing item description comprising the information of your product, brand story, features, benefits, items included in the box, directions for use and all the other secondary information.
  • Keyword research file generated with the use of five popular tools.
  • Meta tag keywords or backend search terms to stuff in your seller central backend
  • Round the clock customer assistance, content feedback and editorial advice.

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  • Varied Experience: Our dedicated team of Amazon Listing Experts has worked with individual sellers and brands in about every sector, industry and niche. Whether you want to optimize for a new product launch or want to boost sales of your already-listed products, you are at the right place.
  • We Have “Earned” The Expert Tag: Since 2015, we have optimized listings for more than 6000+ products. Our clients have returned to us saying they did see a visible difference in their conversion rates after using eStore Factory’s Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services.
  • Certified Optimization Experts & Amazon Copywriters: Your listing will be created by a team of certified Amazon product SEO consultants who have several years of experience in creating profitable, appealing and convertible Amazon product listings.
  • All Device Friendly: While our peers just focus on creating SEO Amazon Listing for desktops we just move a step further and create a listing that is equally compatible with mobile users.

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  • Extensive Keyword Research:

    Use of best-in-the-market tools and research methods to fetch the most converting, profitable and high volume keywords keeping in mind customer’s search result to drive traffic.
  • Optimize Backend Search Terms:

    We provide a detailed list of backend search terms or Meta tag keywords (Most of the service providers don’t) consisting of all the long tail and generic keywords to enhance your product’s discoverability and ranking.
  • SEO Friendly Product Title:

    Title is the first and crucial piece of information your potential customers will interact with. We will create SEO friendly, powerful and keyword rich title, indexed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm that highlights all of your product important details.
  • Compelling Bullet Points and Description:

    Appealing bullet points and description that efficiently points out your product’s exclusive key features while also guiding your potential customers exactly why they should buy your product.
  • Thorough Competitor Research:

    Keeping an eye on what is the current trend in the market by in-depth analysis of your competitors and similar products to know what exactly buyers needs, likes and is searching for.
  • Precise Product Research and Brand Presentation:

    We carry out extensive product research to create an accurate yet informative and accurate listing while presenting your brand in the best possible way to build a loyal customer base and increase goodwill.
  • Google Adwords and SEO Certified Experts:

    Your listing will be created by a team of SEO and Google Adwords certified professionals with creative mind and several years of experience in making profitable, appealing and convertible Amazon product listings.


Product listing optimization is the process of enhancing and improving the details of a product listing on an e-commerce platform such as Amazon to attract more customers, increase visibility, and drive sales.
The purpose of Amazon Product Listing Optimization is to make a product’s listing on Amazon’s platform as appealing, informative, and effective as possible, to increase the chances of attracting and converting potential customers.
Some of the key factors that should be considered when optimizing a product listing on Amazon include the title, product description, images, pricing, and reviews.
The main attributes of a good product listing include a clear and concise product title, detailed product descriptions, high-quality product images, competitive pricing, and positive customer reviews.
High-quality images can significantly improve product listings on Amazon as they provide customers with a visual representation of the product and help them make informed purchasing decisions. Using clear, high-resolution images of the product from various angles, as well as lifestyle images that show the product in use can greatly enhance the product listing and increase customer engagement and conversions.
The product title is the first thing that a customer sees when browsing a product listing, and therefore it’s important to make it appealing and relevant to the product. The title should accurately and concisely describe the product, while also including relevant keywords to improve search visibility.
To create compelling product titles and descriptions, one should keep in mind the target audience and use clear and concise language that accurately represents the product and its features. Additionally, incorporating relevant keywords, highlighting unique selling points, and using persuasive language can make product titles and descriptions more attractive and engaging for customers.
Product descriptions play a crucial role in Amazon product listing optimization as they provide potential customers with detailed information about the product and its features. Writing clear, concise, and accurate product descriptions that incorporate relevant keywords can improve the visibility of a product in search results and increase customer engagement. Using persuasive language and highlighting unique selling points can also drive sales and improve the overall performance of a product listing.
Product listing guidelines are a set of rules and regulations that sellers must follow in order to list their products on an e-commerce platform such as Amazon. These guidelines are in place to ensure that product listings are accurate, helpful, and in compliance with the platform’s policies.
The three most common types of listings on Amazon are individual product listings, multi-pack listings, and variation listings.
Amazon listing optimization is important because it directly affects the visibility and success of a product on the platform. By optimizing product listings, sellers can attract more customers, increase sales, and ultimately drive more revenue.
When optimizing for efficiency, the most important things to consider first are the target audience, the competition, and the platform’s guidelines and best practices.
Keyword research plays a crucial role in Amazon product listing optimization as it helps sellers understand what keywords and phrases customers use to search for products like theirs. By incorporating relevant keywords in the product title, description, and other parts of the listing, sellers can increase their chances of being found by potential customers, leading to increased visibility and sales.
Monitoring performance through analytics is crucial in Amazon product listing optimization as it provides you with valuable data on how their product listings are performing, such as the number of views, clicks, and sales. By analyzing this data, you can make informed decisions on what improvements to make to their listings, increasing their chances of success on the platform.
Customer reviews play a significant role in Amazon product listing optimization as they provide potential customers with valuable insights into the product’s quality and performance. Products with high ratings and positive reviews are more likely to appear higher in search results, leading to increased visibility and sales. As such, sellers should focus on consistently providing high-quality products and customer service to encourage positive reviews.
Using bullet points in product listings on Amazon is an essential aspect of optimization as it helps to simplify and present product information to potential customers. Bullet points break down key features and benefits of the product, making it easier for customers to understand and compare products. Moreover, using bullet points can also improve the visibility of important information in the listing, such as keywords, and make the listing more visually appealing.
Amazon’s algorithm is the search engine that determines the ranking of products in search results. It takes into account various factors, such as relevance, sales, and customer engagement, to determine which products should appear at the top of search results. Optimizing product listings to meet the criteria set by the algorithm can greatly increase the visibility and success of a product on Amazon.
Improving the customer experience in product listings on Amazon is an important aspect of optimization as it can directly impact sales and customer loyalty. Some ways to improve the customer experience include incorporating high-quality images and videos, providing detailed product information, adding customer reviews and feedback, offering excellent customer service, and regularly updating the listing with relevant information. Additionally, using features such as Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content and providing helpful information in the product description can also enhance the overall customer experience and improve the chances of making a sale.
Using keywords in Amazon product listings is important for search engine optimization as it helps improve the visibility of the product in search results. Incorporating relevant and targeted keywords into the product title, bullet points, description, and product features can improve the chances of a product appearing at the top of search results for those keywords. It is important to use keywords naturally and not to stuff the listing with excessive keywords, as this can negatively impact the performance of the listing.
Optimizing Amazon product listings for mobile devices is important as a significant portion of Amazon customers use mobile devices to browse and make purchases. Some best practices for optimizing for mobile devices include:
  • Using high-quality images and videos that are optimized for smaller screens
  • Keeping the product title and description concise and to the point
  • Incorporating bullet points and key information in the product description, making it easy to read on a small screen
  • Ensuring the listing loads quickly on mobile devices By following these best practices, sellers can ensure that their product listings are optimized for mobile devices, providing a better customer experience and improving the chances of making a sale.
There are several metrics that sellers can use to measure the success of their Amazon product listing optimization efforts, including:
  • Conversion rate: the percentage of visitors to the listing that makes a purchase
  • Product page views: the number of times the listing has been viewed by potential customers
  • Sales: the number of units sold and the total revenue generated from sales
  • Search ranking: the position of the listing in search results for relevant keywords
By regularly monitoring these metrics, sellers can determine the impact of their optimization efforts and make any necessary adjustments to improve their results.
To stay up to date with changes and updates to Amazon’s product listing policies and best practices, sellers should regularly review Amazon’s Help pages and guidelines, as well as subscribe to Amazon’s seller newsletters and updates. Additionally, they can also join Amazon seller communities and forums, where they can connect with other sellers and stay informed about any changes or updates. By staying informed, sellers can ensure that their product listings remain in compliance with Amazon’s policies and take advantage of new opportunities to improve the visibility and performance of their listings.
Yes, you can use Amazon’s advertising options, such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, to improve the visibility of their product listings. These advertising options allow sellers to bid on keywords and have their product listings appear at the top of search results for those keywords. By using Amazon’s advertising options, sellers can increase their visibility, drive more traffic to their product listings, and improve their chances of making a sale.
Amazon’s A Plus content is a feature that allows brand owners to create custom product descriptions and images for their product listings on Amazon. It enables brand owners to enhance their product descriptions with additional images, text, and formatting options to create a more engaging and informative product detail page. This can help improve the visibility and appeal of your product to potential buyers and help you stand out from your competition.
Amazon’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your product listings on Amazon so they rank higher in search results and are more visible to potential buyers. Factors that impact Amazon SEO include keywords, product descriptions, customer reviews, sales history, and the overall relevance of your product to the search query. Optimizing your product listings for Amazon SEO can help increase visibility and drive more sales for your product.
Improving your Amazon product listing ranking with keywords involves researching and selecting relevant keywords to include in your product title, description, bullet points, and other metadata. It’s important to use keywords that accurately represent your product and are relevant to the search query. Additionally, you should aim to use keywords in a natural and informative manner, rather than stuffing them into your product listing. Finally, it’s important to regularly monitor your keywords and adjust your product listing as needed to stay up-to-date with changes in search trends and customer behavior.
Amazon’s Sponsored Products program is a paid advertising service that enables sellers to display their product listings in search results, product detail pages, and other Amazon pages. Sponsored Products can help increase visibility and drive more sales for your product by placing your product in front of potential buyers who are actively searching for similar products. When optimizing your product listings for the Sponsored Products program, it’s important to consider factors such as keyword relevance, product descriptions, customer reviews, and sales history, as these can all impact your product’s performance in the program.
Some common mistakes to avoid when optimizing product listings on Amazon include using irrelevant or inaccurate keywords, using poor-quality images, neglecting to respond to customer reviews, and failing to follow Amazon’s guidelines and best practices for product listings. It’s important to avoid making false or misleading claims about your product, as this can result in penalties or suspension of your product listing. Regularly monitor your product listings and make adjustments as needed to ensure that your product remains relevant, competitive, and appealing to potential buyers.
Yes, a seller can outsource Amazon product listing optimization services to a third-party agency. The are some reputed agencies like eStore Factory that specialize in Amazon optimization and offer services such as keyword research, product title and description writing, image optimization, analytics tracking, and beyond. By outsourcing these services to an agency like ours, you can free up time and resources to focus on your core business, while also improving the quality and visibility of your product listings on Amazon.
Regular monitoring and updating of a product listing can help with Amazon product listing optimization, as it allows for the listing to be updated with new information, promotions, and feedback from customers. It also ensures that the listing stays up-to-date with the latest guidelines set by Amazon’s search algorithm, improving its visibility and attracting more customers.
Yes, Amazon Listing Optimization is worth it. Investing in product listing optimization can increase visibility and sales, leading to higher revenue and extraordinary growth for sellers on the platform.