Amazon Advertising Manager



Amazon has become a powerful online shopping platform that continues to grow at an incessant pace. It offers various advertising options for the brands to scale up their business in the marketplace. Utilizing the rich advertising features of Amazon requires a nuanced knowledge of the platform. Our advertising specialists will help you navigate the intricacies and create a robust advertising strategy that can drive your business and sustainable growth on the platform. We will provide all the necessary support to increase your brand visibility, promote your products and build a lucrative business for you on Amazon.



  • Campaign Auditing:
    We conduct an in-depth audit to analyze your existing campaigns and identify areas where optimization can be improved, and advertising spending can be reduced while maximizing your ROI.
  • Data-driven Campaign Structure:
    As your Amazon Advertising Manager, we utilize both automatic and manual campaigns and follow a data-driven strategy to configure and effectively manage your advertising campaigns.
  • Keyword Research & Optimization:
    Our experts perform thorough keyword research to gain a better understanding of your customers’ search terms, and relevant keywords to bid on to strategically utilize keywords for improved results.
  • Advertising & Promotion Management:
    We use a powerful blend of keyword-rich copies, and enticing product imagery to grab the attention of your customers and run various promotional campaigns like listing your products for lightning deals, offering coupons, and effectively managing your promotions on Amazon to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Bid Management:
    As your Amazon Advertising Manager, we carefully examine your business niche to determine appropriate strategies for your advertising bids, and make adjustments in your bids and budget to increase your revenue while reducing your ACoS.
  • Dedicated Account Manager:
    We lay enough emphasis on data-driven strategies and also assign a dedicated account manager to track the findings and insights for the efficient performance of your advertising campaigns.


Our experts use this pay-per-click advertising option to show up your product listings to shoppers looking for similar products you sell. When shoppers search for one or more of the keywords you’re targeting, your ads become eligible to display. As your Amazon Advertising Manager, we choose the right products to advertise, add relevant keywords and ensure highly visible placements for your ads to attract maximum shopper attention, sales and revenue. An increase in sales and better visibility of your products further increases your clicks & conversions and also strengthens your organic product ranking.
As your Amazon Advertising Manager, we use Sponsored Brands to draw customer attention, promote multiple product listings and create awareness about your brand. The advertising service allows us to write attractive headings, use custom logos and effectively showcase your brand image to convert visitors into buyers. Sponsored brand ads can be redirected to your brand store or a customized landing page. The ads are immensely helpful in building trust and creating a unique shopping experience for your existing and potential customers.
Sponsored Brands video is a visual ad format that promotes your products on Amazon search results pages allowing you to target potential customers while directing them to your product detail page. The video ads are instrumental in delivering a strong brand message and enticing customers to make more purchases. Customers with high purchase intent get relevant product information through these videos even before they click the product listings. An impactful video ad instantly grabs customer attention while increasing the possibility of a shopper making a purchase.
These ads are a version of Sponsored Brands that showcase Amazon brand store’s sub-pages. Store Spotlight ads are immensely helpful in increasing store visibility and are quite flexible when it comes to changing store sub-pages or images that feature them. The layout is similar to Sponsored brands with campaigns having custom headlines and brand logos.
Sponsored Display is a self-service platform to gain more profits on Amazon by advertising on and off this marketplace. Our experts create Sponsored Display ads to increase your campaign efficiency by placing the ads across Amazon. The ads help to promote your products with auto-generated campaigns, improve brand awareness and optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions. Targeting and retargeting relevant customers becomes easy with Sponsored Display ads.
The audio ads, typically 30-second long audio clips are played on platforms like Amazon Music, Fire TV, Alexa-connected devices, desktop, and mobile devices. Brands that are not selling directly on Amazon also can avail this advertising option to promote their business and brand.
Amazon Video ads are used to engage your audience with creative multimedia and appear on various video streaming platforms, connected TV networks, publisher channels, and IMDb TV. The ads help you direct targeted traffic to your Amazon listings, website, mobile apps, or any other source. Video ads offer a great branding experience to your customers and promote your brand in a more captivating manner.
Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) is a programmatic ad platform used to purchase various video, audio, and display ads to target relevant audiences on Amazon sites, apps, and other websites. With Amazon DSP, instead of purchasing ad placements, you can use Amazon’s data intelligence to reach out to relevant audiences, provide a better experience to your shoppers, and bring in more sales and revenue.
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