Keyword Research


Most of the purchase on Amazon begin on the search bar. Understanding what phrase potential customer is searching for and targeting the most relevant keywords in your content is the best way to make your product reach a broad spectrum of customer base. Amazon’s A9 algorithm indexes the keywords used in title, bullet point and description faster than even the search terms added in the backend. Failing to include even one keyword means you are stopping thousands of potential buyers from reaching your product page. A thorough keyword research file works as a catalyst for increasing valuable traffic to your detail page and improve ranking.

At eStore Factory, we manually collect all the relevant product-related phrases, search them into various tools, sort the keywords based on volume, convertibility and relevance and then apply a variety of filters to get the final set of keywords. We use the below six tools to deliver a precise list of keywords.


  • Merchant Words
  • Helium 10
  • Keyword Inspector
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword IO
  • Sonar


Understand the search behavior and pattern of your potential customers is the base for keyword research, as different prospects search different phrases for a single product.
Sometimes a difference of spacing or spelling can lead to a significant difference in the search volume. E.g.: Just a difference of “space” in the word Face Wash and Facewash is huge interms of keyword volume.
Unveiling the keywords and high volume head terms on which your competitors are ranking using Reverse ASIN Lookup strategies competitive analysis tool.
Keywords suggested by Amazon’s auto-suggest drop down is based on phrases used by buyers to search a particular product. For a meticulous keyword expansion, use of those keywords is equally necessary.
Using the blurry keyword which has a high search volume and high competition is not worth targeting. E.g. facewash. Instead use a phrase with good volume, low competition and which suits the buyer’s need. E.g. Facewash for Acne.
Keyword research customized for multiple marketplaces including US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan and Germany.
Amazon will recognize the listing that converts and not the listing with maximum keywords stuffing. Simply stuffing the content with high volume keywords is not enough. We choose the keywords which are relevant to your product.


  • Extracting keywords from six popular tools to ensure that none of the keywords is missed
  • An in-depth keyword research spreadsheet along with the volume and search result of each keyword
  • Sorting the keywords according to relevance and volume. A list of top priority keywords for title and second priority keywords for bullet points and description.
  • Keyword recommendation for title, individual bullet points and description. We will also assist you as to how and which keyword should be targeted in your copy.
  • List of backend search terms or meta tag keywords with long tail and generic keywords.
  • A dedicated team of Google Adwords certified SEO experts to provide keywords which instantly click in Amazon’s algorithm.
Product Keyword Research

Price : $49 Per Product