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Amazon Attribution is an advertising tool that allows brand-registered sellers to measure important metrics of their off Amazon advertising efforts. It provides detailed analytics and insights about the performance of the traffic brought from outside of Amazon. Advertisers can gauge the impact of search, display, video and email, and social media marketing. By analyzing the data and findings, they get valuable insights into customers’ search and purchase behavior that help to maximize your return on investments and sales effectively. Our experts will assist you with the efficient use of the Amazon Attribution console to measure, optimize, and plan your strategies to increase conversions & strengthen your revenue streams.

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  • Full-Funnel Amazon Analytics:
    With Amazon Attribution you get better access to sales funnel data and important metrics including clicks, detail page views, add to carts, and sales. You get clarity on how your customers interact with your products and how many times they add your products to their shopping carts.
  • Performance Tracking Of Each Marketing Channel:
    Amazon Attribution provides brands the freedom to tag every single marketing channel, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Social Media Posts and so many more. You can create an ample number of tags and receive the minutest details about the performance of your marketing channels.
  • In-depth Customer Insights:
    Amazon Attribution delivers a wealth of information and metrics to get a deeper understanding of the customers’ purchase behavior or the way they interact with your products. A detailed overview of how your customers perceive your products or how much time they take to seal a purchase once they land on a page or do they simply visit but do not purchase at all and similar other pertinent queries can easily be addressed through Amazon Attribution.
  • On-Demand Reporting:
    The campaign performance and various conversion metrics are available on demand for your campaigns. You can efficiently optimize your marketing campaigns based on the real-time reporting provided by Amazon Attribution.


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Optimize channel impact- Draw valuable insights about the marketing channels that are most effective and bring sufficient value to your Amazon business. Reap the benefits of high-performing marketing channels but at the same time work on improving the performance of the ones that need more push.

Target the right audiences- Get detailed information about the potential customers from non-Amazon platforms and apply various engagement strategies to grab their attention. Try out ways to encourage them to build a long-term association with your products and brand.

Produce impactful creatives- Understand what messaging or creatives attract maximum attention on Amazon. Create tailor-made creatives that match the sensibilities of your target audience and resonate with them.

Create an engaging experience for shoppers- Keep a tab on shopping activity and its impact based on where your customers land – a brand store or the product detail pages. Try out various landing page strategies and check how your customers respond at different stages of their shopping journeys.

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Achieve your business goals across channels:

Get a full-funnel view of metrics related to your marketing channels and accordingly create strategies that meet your business objectives and drive better overall performance.

Unleash new sales opportunities:

Utilize the data and insights received through Amazon Attribution to create an engaging experience for shoppers and discover new opportunities to drive your product sales and revenue.

Maximize your return on investment (ROI):

With Amazon conversion reporting, you can optimize both your organic and paid campaigns and attract exceptional conversions and sales on Amazon.

Track key metrics:

Amazon attribution provides metrics such as impressions, clicks, add to carts, detail page views, purchase rates, and sales with downloadable reports. By analyzing these metrics, brands can monitor the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and make necessary improvements.

Optimize campaign performance:

With Amazon Attribution evaluating campaign performance is easy, so brands can seamlessly divert their resources to campaigns that are performing well and achieve a better return on investments.

Draw useful insights to plan future strategies:

The efficient use of insights received from the Amazon Attribution console plays a vital role in measuring and optimizing your non-Amazon marketing efforts. A better understanding of strategies that work and enhance your sales performance, helps in the effective planning of your future marketing campaigns right at the outset.

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