Virtual Product Bundles



The Virtual Product Bundles tool gives brand-registered sellers the ability to bundle 2-5 complementary products and sell them from a single product detail page. You can combine multiple products under one listing offer without having to physically package them together or change the FBA inbound inventory. With virtual bundling, you can save time and at the same time offer a smooth and convenient shopping experience to your customers. With multiple products in a bundle, you can offer them at a discounted price to your customers. It is necessary to keep the prices lower than or equal to the total individual prices of products in the bundle.

There’s an eligibility criterion for ASINs to be included in the virtual product bundle. The product bundles can only be created in the Amazon US stores and you should be a registered brand owner. You need to have an active FBA inventory that’s ‘new’ in condition. Products in electronic formats like digital music, video, books, and gift cards or used/renewed ASINs cannot be included in the bundle. As an Amazon Consulting Agency, we will help you in exploring virtual bundling for your products to encourage customers to shop more and increase your sales volume and average order value. Our team will extend assistance in setting up Virtual Product Bundles and ensure the profitability of every bundle created for your brand.


  • Log in to the Amazon Seller Central and go to the Product Bundle.
  • Select 2-5 brand-registered ASINs that you want to bundle.
  • Pick one of the ASINs to be the main component. The main component helps in defining the search and browsing category of your product bundle.
  • Create/edit title, description, and bullet points and add up to 9 images in your product bundle. You won’t find a field for search terms; the bundle ASIN inherits the keywords from the main component ASIN.
  • Add price. Typically, the bundle price should be less than or equal to the total price of all ASINs. Keeping the bundle price higher than the total price of all ASINs may result in you losing the Buy Box. The ‘Bundled Price’ section tells you how much discount you are giving on the total price.

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  • Optimize Your Listing Again:
    It is important to treat a bundle listing as a new listing. So we won’t use the existing copy but write fresh content, find relevant keywords, and follow the necessary guidelines for optimizing content for bundles. The titles will mention that the product is a bundle. Even the bullet points will convey the same. Fresh images would be used with the first image portraying all the products included in the bundle.
  • Appropriate Pricing:
    Offering a price advantage to customers lies at the core of creating a bundle. If the price of the bundled products is higher than the individual items put together, it won’t go well with the customers. Amazon disapproves of setting a higher price for the bundle, it can even lead to you losing the buy box. A perfect balance needs to be made between affordability and profitability. We use the FBA Revenue Calculator to help you decide on better pricing and earn decent profits from your sale.
  • Select The Right Category:
    Your old product category may not sync well with your bundle. It is important to place your product bundle ASIN in a relevant category. If all the items in the bundle belong to different categories, we will choose the product category based on your main product.
  • Create Bundles With Relevant Products:
    The selection of items in a product bundle is crucial. We cannot randomly club items and call them a bundle. Taking a thorough look at your competitors and the way they bundle the products helps in the judicious selection of products in the bundle. We will also scan through Amazon’s frequently bought-together section to get valuable insights. Since the recommendations are based on the customer’s shopping purchase history; it is a reliable source of information to further refine the selection of products in a bundle.

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Managing physical bundles involves both time and effort. You need to arrange various products in a single package; label them and create a proper set before sending it to Amazon FBA warehouse. A unique UPC barcode needs to be set up and put on each bundle. With virtual bundles, most of these hassles are eliminated. You simply create a new listing, pick the ASINs to be included in the bundle and add a price for things to get started.
The physical bundles are to be sold as a total bundle. You may not face an issue with bundles that are selling well and have a great sales track record in the past. But when you are trying out a new product combination in a bundle or creating a completely new bundle, you won’t have the supporting data to gauge customer demand. The new bundle may not ignite interest among customers or attract an encouraging response. So the ASINs that perform well on their own get stuck in the bundle. With virtual product bundles, a bundle not attracting enough sales won’t pose much of a problem as each ASIN continues to sell individually.
You can bundle a new product with your top-performing products to promote it and boost its search ranking. Shoppers visiting your high-selling ASINs get to see the new ASIN included in your virtual product bundle. This cross-promotion increases the exposure of your new products without incurring any major marketing costs.
Offering discounts may not be a prerequisite for creating Virtual Product bundles, but it is a great way to attract customers and encourage them to purchase the bundled products. Rewarding customers with great deals and discounts for buying multiple products (in a bundle) helps in building a good rapport and urges them to make repeat purchases in the future.
For most of the services offered on Amazon you need to pay a fee as a seller. But virtual bundles don’t involve any additional costs as buying two products in the same purchase or picking a bundle is logistically the same for Amazon. There are no additional expenses other than the standard FBA fee you pay for the sale of your merchandise.
One of the obvious advantages of product bundling is that your customers buy more than one product during a single purchase. By choosing complementary items in your virtual bundle on Amazon and offering great discounts and deals, your average order value automatically goes up.
Virtual bundles usually offer great discounts on the purchase of multiple products. Customers see them as an affordable and cost-saving buying option. This increases the likelihood of new customers trying the products offered and develops long-term loyalty for your brand.
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