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Amazon Live allows sellers to interact with customers through live video streams. This is an interesting feature that can immensely help you in improving brand visibility in the overcrowded Amazon marketplace. You can make live product demonstrations, talk and address queries related to your products, showcase a new range, share information about upcoming products, and a lot more. Once the live streaming is over, your video will stay on the product page so that shoppers can surf through the content at their convenience. It is a great way to serve high-utility information with your customers and stand out as a brand to drive qualified traffic and conversions. Currently, the program is only available to professional U.S. sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry, U.S. vendors with an approved Amazon Store, and Amazon Influencers with an active influencer storefront. Amazon Live is optimized only for an iPhone or iPad.

It is a free marketing tool that can improve your discoverability and drive more qualified traffic to your product page. We offer our technical expertise to help you conduct successful live streams on Amazon to represent your products and brand effectively. Right from selecting suitable products for the live video to providing creative inputs for the stream to monitoring the overall impact and performance of the live session, we will handle everything for you.


  • Download the Amazon Live Creator app (iOS only).
  • Sign in to your Seller, Vendor, or Influencer account to create your Live account.
  • Choose your brand and enter your profile name.
  • An option will appear asking you to boost your live stream or not. (This is a paid service by Amazon to show your live stream across multiple advertising locations on
  • Once the option is chosen, a preview of your camera will appear. You can press the “Go Live” button to start the ‘live’ and allow users to watch you and your chosen products on a real-time basis.


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  • Livestream for at least 30 minutes:
    Ideally, the live stream shouldn’t last less than 30 minutes. With informative and entertaining content the shoppers get hooked on your live video session. A longer and more engaging stream encourages shoppers to spend more time with your brand and explore the products in more detail.
  • Urge your audience to interact:
    Connect well with your viewers and encourage them to ask questions, hit the reaction buttons, and follow your brand to receive timely notifications. Reply promptly to the questions asked by your customers and share your comments and opinions to make the interactions more interesting and insightful.
  • Include multiple calls to action:
    Live streams help in promoting and showcasing your brand on Amazon, and by including specific calls to action in your stream you can attract more conversions and sales. The new shoppers are likely to come and go throughout a stream, so it is important to highlight the special features and benefits of the products and even repeat your CTA throughout your live broadcast. In the CTA you can use some ‘words’ or ‘expressions’ to motivate shoppers to make more purchases.
  • Use the custom promotions feature to add text of your choice:
    You can display promotional codes towards the bottom overlay of your live video to attract more sales. To draw the attention of the viewers during the live stream, call out attractive ‘one-day’ long promotional offers to acquire better conversions and sales.
  • Engage with a live audience:
    In addition to interacting and addressing viewers’ queries, create live-only promotions for your audience as a mark of appreciation for their time and involvement in your stream. This will encourage them to return and be a part of your future broadcasts.
  • Demonstrate your products live:
    Only talking about a product won’t bring results, showcase it and demonstrate its usage. Live streams can be used as a powerful medium to explain the working of your products and emphasize their key attributes and benefits to your viewers. You can also clear doubts or any misgivings about the products during the live presentation.
  • Share Livestream with audiences off Amazon:
    Share your live streams by using the link in the app with audiences off Amazon. You can send the links to your social media followers and email lists.
  • Livestream during major events:
    By conducting live streams during events like Prime Day or Black Friday you can grab the attention of a wide range of potential customers. Taking due advantage of the increased traffic on your detail page you can drive more conversions and sales on major event days.


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Amazon Live features three levels and as you stream more and make more sales you are eligible for some additional benefits. If you fulfill the criteria to attain a minimum level, you can apply further to level it up.

Level 1: Rising Star
  • Brands are eligible to stream using the Amazon Live Creator app.
  • You can share links to your live streams and your followers will receive notifications whenever you go live.
  • Your live streams appear in the product category rows on the Amazon Live site and the ‘Live now’ row at the top of the detail page.
Level 2: Insider
  • You get all ‘rising star’ benefits and your streams are eligible to appear on the top page placement of Amazon live homepage automatically.
  • A brand must livestream for at least 90 minutes in 30 days to reach this level.
Level 3: A-List
  • You get all ‘rising star’ and ‘insider’ benefits.
  • You are required to stream for 1,000 minutes and receive $5,000 in sales or sell 100 units in 30 days to get to this level.
  • You get access to Amazon Live events and priority support from the Amazon Live Creator team.
  • Your live streams are eligible to automatically appear on all ‘rising star’ and ‘insider’ placements and (homepage).
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Amazon Live offers an interesting platform to present your products in front of a wide spectrum of your prospective customers. This leads to increased brand awareness and discoverability of your products and brand.
A live stream gives you a chance to promote deals that can only be availed by the live audience. By keeping the deals open for a limited period and offering great discounts, you can drive instant conversion and sales. With shoppers getting enough value from the live interaction, they would want to be a part of your future streams.
Being able to interact and chat with the customers is one of the greatest advantages of Amazon live. The viewers can ask questions about your products and brand by using the live chat feature. This is a great chance to clarify any doubts and also highlight the special attributes and benefits of your product offering.
During the live stream, you can encourage viewers to follow your brand on Amazon. This will enable them to receive notifications about all your upcoming live sessions. It is a great way to share information about your newly launched products and create long-lasting bonds with your customers to keep the sales flowing.
Once you are live on Amazon, your stream shows up on the product detail page and your customers can easily be a part of it. Customers who are searching for your products and are keen to know more about them and their usage can avail your live stream. As you gain a better ‘level’, your stream will appear on Amazon’s homepage (you have to fulfill the required criteria for it).
You don’t need to follow a schedule with Amazon to conduct a live stream. You can go live as per your convenience but it is better to schedule the stream at a time of day when you can expect a maximum spike in your sales. By predicting and planning according to the increase in traffic, you can attract higher engagement with your viewers and amazing outcomes from the live stream.
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