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Amazon Posts is similar to a social media feed or a free social commerce feature that enables sellers to promote their products and brand on Amazon. Brands can use the tool to increase product visibility and draw relevant audiences. Lifestyle images and attention-grabbing captions are used to showcase your products in a ‘shoppable’ feed. While surfing through multiple posts, shoppers land on the product detail page by choosing an item that pops out from the ‘Show product’ tab. Posts are immensely helpful in advertising and brand awareness on Amazon, but most of the sellers do not have the requisite knowledge about their usage.

We will help you explore Amazon Posts as an effective program to get discovered as a brand on Amazon. In addition to drawing new customers, you can immensely improve the shopping experience of the existing customers by providing rich and easy-to-understand content. Amazon Posts can be published as frequently as you please to draw the maximum attention of your customers.

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  • Amazon Posts Set Up:
    You can sign in using your advertising console or Seller Central credentials to create Amazon Posts. We will ensure that you have an Amazon Brand Registry, the right type of Amazon account, and an Amazon store before getting started. Our team will provide assistance in covering all the prerequisites needed to create your Amazon Posts profile.
  • Amazon Posts Strategy:
    It is on the basis of relevance and engagement that Amazon decides on showing up your Posts. We develop a tailor-made strategy to expand the outreach of your posts, increase engagement and attract maximum attention to grow your followers. Our experts create enticing brand feeds and schedule your Posts in an organized way to draw maximum traffic. A visible surge in audience engagement prompts Amazon to show more of your Posts, frequently.
  • Impressive Content & Product Details:
    Amazon Posts provide enough scope for showcasing the key attributes and usage of your products. We create lifestyle content to present your products in real-life settings and encourage shoppers to make more purchases. The bright and high-quality product images grab the instant attention of the customers.
  • Amazon Posts Optimization:
    We add the right ASINs and product listing to an Amazon Post to optimize it for better conversions. Our specialists also optimize product descriptions, pricing, etc., to bring out the best results.
  • Amazon Posts Creative Approvals:
    We strictly adhere to Amazon guidelines when using any creative or visual elements in your Amazon Posts. Our team follows the best practices to get approvals for your Amazon Posts. We carefully select images that meet Amazon regulations in terms of color, format, and resolution or display aspect ratio. A proper effort goes into formatting and optimizing visual elements to achieve the best outcomes for your Amazon Posts.
  • Amazon Posts Purposeful Writing:
    We ensure that your content has the right focus while we write captions for your Amazon posts. The caption text matches your brand image and highlights the special attributes of your brand that set you apart from the competition. We refrain from talking too much about the goodness of a product; instead, we focus on how it can help resolve problems and offer a great utility value to your customers. There are specific restrictions on caption text that must be followed. We keep our communication clear and alluring enough to urge browsers to become buyers while we fully adhere to Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Amazon Posts Data & Analytics:
    Amazon Posts provide detailed data and report about the views, clicks, and engagement rate for your Posts. You also get comparative data for shoppers who simply viewed and the ones who clicked on your Posts. We properly analyze this data to get valuable insights into the overall performance of your Posts. The data helps us choose the best times to put Amazon Posts for attracting maximum audience response and engagement. By analyzing the performance of your Posts, we get to know what appeals to your audiences/followers and we accordingly make tweaks to maximize the outreach and engagement of your Posts.
  • Consistency in Publishing Posts:
    There’s no real timeline to be followed for publishing Posts, but the brands that post consistently get more placements from Amazon. We will help you maintain a good bandwidth of Posts so that you can post regularly and get a much better ROI. Impressive Posts with consistency in publishing them draw maximum shopper attention; attract meaningful engagement and a surge in your conversions.

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  • Profile Banner: It displays the name of your brand and logo.
  • Custom Image: An important component of your post is a custom image that showcases your products. You can share the key product features or tell a brand story to educate your audience through this image.
  • ‘Show Product’ Icon: Shoppers can tap it to hide/reveal an associated product listing preview. It displays product details, price, star rating, and Prime eligibility.
  • Caption Text: Customized options help to communicate your message like highlighting product details or sharing the key features. You can use it to include a call-to-action for your product or add some content to support your branding.
  • Category Tags: Amazon automatically tags the post with relevant product categories. The moment users click the tag, they can see a vertically displayed feed of posts related to the category. The products shown may or may not belong to your brand.


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  • Detail Page Carousel: A carousel of Posts labeled ‘Related Posts’ is listed on every brand listing page above the ‘Customer Questions’ section.
  • Brand Feeds: A vertically scrollable section or feed showcasing a brand’s posts.
  • Category Feeds: A vertical feed is shown after clicking one of the category tags.
  • Related Feeds: A vertical feed shown by tapping the image on the related Amazon product feed or “Related Posts.”
  • Amazon Brand Store: Amazon Posts are available to view on Amazon Brand Store, located at the far right of the Brand Store menu.

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By posting unique and product-focused content, you can draw sufficient attention to your brand. You can showcase the usage of your products and their key attributes to gain a sharp competitive edge. The pertinent product details and quality information encourages shoppers to stay longer on your page with an increased likelihood of them making a purchase. Amazon Posts offer a great opportunity to engage with shoppers, draw their attention and convert them into long-term loyal customers.
There is no set limit to the number of Amazon Posts you can create and publish. You can share as many posts as possible and provide adequate details about your products and brand. With the increased visibility of your products, the chances of conversions also improve. The frequent appearance of your products at various placements grabs people’s attention and boosts your overall brand presence.
Currently, Amazon Posts is at the beta stage, which means that you can avail of the program at no extra cost. You get insightful data about audience engagement in terms of views, clicks, and click-through rates. This helps you understand the type of content that appeals to your customers and resonates with them. By using the practical insights, you can make refinements in the content to suit the sensibilities of your target audience.
Amazon Posts is a powerful medium to engage with your customers in an up-close manner. The element of interactivity helps in better engagement of your brand with the buyers. In case you have sufficient content in the form of social media posts, you can easily reorient them as Amazon Posts to drive more conversion. Since Amazon prioritizes customers and their shopping experiences, Amazon Posts do not offer much scope for social engagement. So, it becomes all the more important to readapt your social media posts to suit the Amazon shoppers. You can easily utilize the plethora of content you have in your hand.
Amazon Posts offer an opportunity to talk about your products that goes beyond what was communicated in the product description and related content. With creative posts and impactful imagery, you can show customers how the products fit into their personal lives. Similar to other social media platforms, customers can also follow your brand feed and get all the latest updates about your products and brand.
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