Amazon DSP Advertising

Amazon DSP ads


Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) allows business owners to automatically buy display, video, and audio ads across a variety of channels both on and off Amazon. DSP facilitates buying and selling of ads with programmatic advertising, but the best value addition for brands is to get access to Amazon’s gigantic consumer data. Every single search, click or purchase or review by a shopper is tracked by Amazon. This data helps in choosing the right ads and conveying a powerful brand message that gets your target audiences to pay attention. As an Amazon advertising agency, we will help you gain full advantage of Amazon DSP by optimizing your campaigns and managing your budget effectively. Our experts will create an appropriate targeting strategy to get better engagement for your Amazon DSP ads, resulting in improved conversions and increased sales.


amazon dsp ads


amazon dsp ads

Static Ads

Devoid of any dynamic elements, the ads simply feature an image and call-to-action. By clicking the ads, a shopper is redirected to an Amazon product listing, Amazon brand store, or your website.

Amazon DSP ads

Dynamic Ads

As the name suggests, the ads are active and their content is automatically optimized based on the targeted audience. These ads give due weightage to customer preferences and their interests. Dynamic ads can only direct your customers to the Amazon product listing page and not to your website.

Amazon DSP ads

Audio Ads

Amazon audio ads are similar to radio commercials that last ten to thirty seconds. They can be used to promote brand awareness, power marketing campaigns, or launch your new products.

amazon dsp ads

Video Ads

Video ads are videos displayed on and off Amazon and direct customers to your product page or your business website.

Amazon DSP ads

Over-The-Top (OTT)

The ads are full-screen video ads similar to a typical television commercial and are not clickable. The core purpose of the ads is to create awareness and lure shoppers to take action.


Amazon DSP offers a deeper insight into shopper’s buying behavior and intent:
Behavioral – Customers browsing or buying comparable items.
Lifestyle – Targeting customers that share a common lifestyle with your existing customers and emphasize brand-relevant categories.
Contextual – Customers who show interest by browsing through websites that are contextually or thematically related to your products.
Remarketing – It targets customers who came close to buying your product, but didn’t actually go beyond the checkout basket and simply added them to their wish list.
Audience Lookalike – It is about customers who behave similarly to selected groups, like the brand’s customers or competitor’s customers.
Advertiser Audiences – You specify the relevant groups or potential customers you intend to target.


Audience Targeting – Amazon has precise information about the searches or purchases made by people on the platform. We will help you leverage this data and devise an unmatched targeting strategy for your ads. With years of hands-on experience, we have helped brands supercharge their sales by using the powerful targeting capabilities of Amazon DSP.

Reach Your Audience Everywhere – We will help you access your customers wherever they are online and encourage them to get back to your website or Amazon detail page.

Comprehensive Reporting For Better ROI – We utilize the data provided by Amazon DSP about how off-Amazon ads convert into Amazon sales. Our experts use this information for in-depth reporting and effective optimization to gain a better return on investments.

Drive Sales and Customer Loyalty – As a full-stack Amazon agency, we analyze your advertising goals and strategically align them to your Amazon DSP ads. Our experts target customers at every stage of their buying journey to drive more sales and retain their loyalty to your brand.

No Minimum Advertising Spend – The managed service option of Amazon DSP requires a minimum spend of US$35,000. But by working with an official Amazon Advertising partner like us, no minimum advertising spend is needed.


With Amazon DSP you get the best real estate for your ads. You can target audiences from Amazon-owned platforms and third-party websites as well.

In addition to utilizing the unmatched consumer data provided by Amazon, you can reach your online customers everywhere, while they are browsing through the news or watching some Amazon Prime content. Amazon DSP Ads can boost brand awareness, increase visibility and hugely improve your sales.

To know if your advertising budget is well-spent, you need to determine the number of sales your ads generate. Amazon DSP provides you with exact detail of how an off-Amazon click translates into Amazon sales.

Amazon has a wealth of first-party data that may not be available to all advertisers on Amazon. Amazon DSP utilizes this data to help you create a well-defined targeting strategy based on buyers’ shopping behavior, their interests, and related products.

As a programmatic advertising platform, Amazon DSP is an efficient and scalable way to advertise. You can expand your brand reach across the advertising funnel and build a strong presence on the web.

With Amazon DSP you can easily optimize your ads either manually or automatically. Automatic optimizations adjust bids to deliver advertisements in the best formats, dynamically aligned to your budget and specific campaign goals. You can also manually alter various components of a campaign like the budget, supply, target audience, bids, and more using Amazon DSP.

Gaining new customers and retaining existing ones is vital for any business. Amazon DSP allows you to increase brand awareness by providing your customers with pertinent product or brand information. You can also retarget prospective buyers who have purchased or engaged with your products or related products in the category.

Programmatic advertising positions your brand in an environment that’s highly dynamic. Since millions of programmatic ads run every second, issues may arise due to the speed. To ensure brand protection, Amazon DSP follows the highest standards of brand safety and strictly monitors everything from real-time bids, traffic quality, third-party supply quality, etc., using the best-in-class brand safety solutions.

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