Tips to Avoid Amazon Account Suspensions

Tips to Avoid Amazon Account Suspensions

Selling your products online using a premiere ecommerce service provider like Amazon is every seller’s dream. However, if you are not following the due process then there are chances of getting your Amazon account suspended. If the case is genuine, it can get resolved within a few days, but Amazon can take weeks if it finds a seller indulging in unlawful activities.

This is the biggest nightmare that every seller is scared of. The Amazon Seller Consulting process involves mails and personal communications. Amazon usually informs the seller immediately in case of any unscrupulous activity committed by him.

Suspicious activities can lead to your account suspension on Amazon’s ecommerce listing services chart. Here are some of the easiest ways to identify the causes that could lead to banning of your selling privileges on Amazon.

However, if your Amazon marketing strategy is right then you do not need to fret anything else.

Types of Suspensions

Supplying fake products: When a seller sells inauthentic products to the customers using wrong invoice address, it could immediately lead to the banning of your Amazon seller’s account.

Sell of used items as new products: Amazon strictly prohibits the sale of used items as the newer ones. Amazon’s third-party sellers have to ensure that they sell right and new products to the consumers within a stipulated period on a frequent basis.

Operating multiple sellers accounts: Amazon maintains one account per seller norm. So, when the same inventory is sold on two or more seller’s accounts of the same person, the chance of Amazon seller’s account being suspended becomes bright.

Biased product review: Amazon asks for only genuine review from the customers. A disclaimer is also necessary to be placed in the end of the page, which says that the review is genuine and unbiased. Amazon is also watchful of paid reviews and any seller if found to be promoting paid reviews will get his Amazon account cancelled.

Top 3 Reasons of Account Suspensions

1.Duplicating Product pages:
Amazon forbids the creation of duplicate product page. You cannot create pages for the existing items. If Amazon comes across a duplicate page of your existing products, it will immediately delete the duplicate page and intimate a notification informing you about the possible suspension of your account. You have to follow full process to make sure that your products are appearing on Amazon products list.

Tips to prevent account suspension:
1) Personally check the existing listing using the UPC code.
2) If you are unable to check by UPC code, consult a specialist who can easily search the product using keywords and provide you with a comprehensive report of the matching products.

2.Divert Transactions:
Many sellers redirect buyers to their own website out of habit. However, it is strictly prohibited under Amazon marketing policy.

Tips to prevent account suspension:
In order to reduce your chance of getting suspended by Amazon, check all the URLs in the feedback request templates and delete any references or link, which could lead the readers to your official site.

3.Mismatched Browse and Searched Sections:
Sellers should first read the “Quick Start Style Guide” carefully before they proceed to sell their products on Amazon. You have to make sure that the keywords you use, should match the product that the users are searching online. In order to get more visibility, sellers overdo it and end up being caught red-handed by Amazon.

Tips to prevent account suspension:
1) Recheck your product page for any filler words usage.
2) Never use the competitor’s name or any other popular product name in your page to boost your product or page views.
3) Keep your keyword listing short, relevant and succinct.
4) Check the category-specific listing and standard template to demonstrate your products on the site.

Examples of Unaccepted Keywords:
Confusing words – You cannot use the word ‘Pure’ while selling an artificial silk.
Misspelled words – You cannot put any misspelled words such as Calender or Tatoo (rather these words should be ‘Calendar’ and ‘Tattoo’ respectively).
Subject line – Do not use the words “fast”, “best”, “cheapest” etc. in subject line.
Too long keywords – Do not use long keywords. Total 5000 characters for keywords excluding commas are allowed per product. But we suggest to use only 2000.

In the current days of cutthroat competition, Amazon provides a right platform for the sellers to take advantage of the digital era and get their products sold easily. Sellers not only get the benefit of direct online sales through Amazon but they also get a chance to highlight their products in front of the global audience.

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