Big News: New Premium A+ Content Open To All Brands – August 08, 2022

Posted by Jimi Patel | August 8, 2022

For the longest time, Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content, has been an invite-only program available to a select group of elite sellers.

Today, Amazon, in its news section, announced that Premium A+ Content will now be available to all sellers registered as a Brand Owner with Amazon Brand Registry.

Eligibility criteria for Premium A+ Content
If you have published an A+ brand story across your ASIN catalog and have had at least 15 A+ content projects approved in the past 12 months for each Amazon store, you are eligible for Premium A+ content. Access for Premium A+ is granted at the end of each month. If you meet the criteria, you will see a banner in the A+ content manager for access.

How is Premium A+ Content different from A+ Content?
Premium A+ Content modules are very different from a current Amazon A+ Content modules. Some of the noteworthy modules of Premium A+ Content are video modules, full-width imagery modules, clickable Q and A modules, interactive comparison charts, carousel modules, interactive hotspots and so much more.

According to Amazon, implementing Premium A+ content can increase your sales by 20%.


Examples of A++ Content


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