Enhanced Brand Content is now called A+ Content! – September 25, 2019

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 22, 2021

Enhanced brand content is now upgraded to A+ content. Along with the new name, which is now the same across both Seller Central and Vendor Central, Amazon has made several improvements:

Publish A+ to many ASINs at the same time, not 1×1 to SKUs – Before, sellers needed to submit A+ Content to one SKU at a time, including all the child SKUs in many categories. Also, sellers needed to deal with confusing differences about whether to submit A+ for a parent or child SKU. No more.

The new A+ Content Manager experience enables you to create a piece of content and search for and apply the content to many different ASINs – not SKUs – from different ASIN families. We also show you the image, ASIN title, and other information on the ASINs, not just the SKU like before.

Reference: A+ Content News(Login required)