Top 5 Definitive Do’s and Don’ts For Social Media Marketing

Posted by Jimi Patel | June 30, 2017

The Social Media acts as a platform between the company and the prospective customers. The companies use this platform to promote their offers, business products and services and connect the business houses to the users in a large number.

However, most of the companies are not aware of do’s and dont’s of the social media marketing. This can affect the performance of the company and brand as well. Here are some top five points that will provide an insight to the marketers.

Do’s of Social Media Marketing
Keep It Precise: When the person is posting on social media, there is a prescribed character space. It is important to keep the promo offers or the description short. This will attract the users and will automatically generate traffic or conversion rate of the company’s site. As on Twitter, the prescribed length is 140 characters, but it is advisable to keep it between 120 to 130 characters.

Responsiveness: Many users comment on the social media post of the company; even to make an inquiry about a particular product and can drop a personal message on the page as well. It is important to “Talk Back” with them. The company’s representative should respond to them within the lesser time. This will help in building the rapport amongst the users.

Reframing the Content: New audiences continue joining or liking the company’s page. In this case, it is essential to reframe the content and present it in a unique form. The experts can present in a questioning form. This will also keep away the monotonous factor and audiences will get the set of information about the company’s products and services. In this, the target can be on a newer piece of information.

Handle Negative Feedback: The Company’s products or services may get off-putting feedback from the consumers. One should not panic over it but try to maintain their calm. The professionals should look into the matter and resolve at the earliest. The natural responses to the negative feedback will help in gaining the audience’s trust.

Understanding the Customers: Understanding the user’s mindset is critical to shaping the services or identifying the new future needs. The social media analytical reports can help the companies in this regard.

Dont’s of Social Media Marketing Concept
Don’t Hide Behind Company’s Logo: The little bit revelation of the personal side of the company will help in winning the audience’s heart. Nowadays, people are availing the services of the companies they individually know.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes: It is essential to proofread the content before posting it on the company’s page. There are millions of viewers of a particular post. One has to be extra cautious about making posts.

Don’t Just Focus on Sales: One needs to educate the users about the company’s products and services. Everyone wants to sell the products and services, but one should not only focus on the selling aspect.

Don’t Like Own Posts: A big call to the employers not to like their own posts. One can encourage their employees to like and comment the posts. This will help in brand building.

Don’t End Networking: The businesses can work on the word-of-mouth concept if they have built great rapport amongst their present consumers. Don’t stop networking but connect with more and more people.

In closing, social media marketing requires professional skills and advice to trust on the skilled and proven company as eStore Factory that helps the businesses to build brand name. This resulted into the leads and sustainable business.

Published by Jimi Patel

Jimi Patel, is a Co-founder and CEO at eStore Factory, an Amazon SPN certified agency that serves as a one-stop solution for all your Amazon business needs. Having helped countless brands increase sales and grow their footprint on Amazon, Jimi provides the most practical and effective solutions for your business. He is highly skilled in developing and executing plans that align with your specific business goals and objectives. When not working, Jimi enjoys practicing yoga and traveling to new places. He is an avid reader and enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the e-commerce industry.

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