How can Enhanced Brand Content help to improve Conversion rates?

Posted by Jimi Patel | December 7, 2018

Case Study

We have a client who sells products in the category of Home and Kitchen for whom we have created custom EBC for 3 of their related products in which we have included all the features with photographs and showcased the products. We tracked the 3 products over a 60 day period – 30 days before and 30 days after adding EBC so that we can compare every particular products effect.

EBC Created

Amazon EBC Service

Amazon EBC Expert

Amazon EBC

Here are the results:

Amazon EBC Service

If 3 products can give you so much conversion rates in 1 month than can you imagine how much sales and conversion rate increase will mean in revenue over an entire year?

Reasons why this EBC got so good Sales and Conversion rate

1. With the detailed information with stuffed keywords, our product got indexed in Amazon

2. Infographic images made a positive influence on sales.


Overall Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is helpful to both sellers and buyers. Sellers can promote their products and convert more sales and buyers will get a chance to understand the product and its uses in detail. EBC is an excellent way to increase sales & conversion rates, optimize product listings and make more profits. Try EBC with some of your best selling products and take the benefit of Amazon EBC services at the earliest.