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Amazon A+ Page

Enhanced Product Description, Lifestyle Shots, Precise Product Specifications and Brand promotion: Amazon A+ Detail Page

A+ detail page is a 1st party seller exclusive service which includes in-depth product information, lifelike images, comprehensive comparison chart and tables, videos, links to similar products of your catalogue and more.

Amazon Enhanced marketing Content is exactly what you need to get an edge over your competitor and convert your page views into sales. The better you present your product and the more information buyer have in their hands, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Vendors should opt for A+ Enhanced Marketing Content as it:

  • Provides a full spectrum of information to buyers
  • Educate shoppers about model variation and other products from seller’s catalogue
  • Enhances your product detail page
  • Retains customer interest and builds trust
  • Magnify sales up to 10% (according to Amazon)
  • Boosts visibility and organic product ranking
  • Escalates brand awareness
A+ Enhanced Marketing Content

Our array of EMC services include:

Optimize Product Images:

  • Ensure that images have the correct dimension and are suitable for click to enlarge option
  • Create pure white background images in accordance with the Amazon guidelines
  • Edit product images to give them a fancy and attractive appearance and make your A+ details page a visual treat
  • Pointing out the features of the product in the images and use of lifestyle shots to match the content
  • Inclusion of videos and direct link to the other model variations

A+ Detail Page Layout:

  • Design and layout of A+ content for whole of your catalogue products
  • Template selection and customised template creation to match your product features and category
  • Creation of generic A+ content for all the parent-child ASINs and model variations
  • Update, implement and manage all the aspects content submission via vendor central
  • Constant assistance and editorial feedback

A+ Plus Content Creation:

  • Thorough description of your brand assets such as your brand story, website and ethics
  • Dedicated team of professional content writers with creative minds to make comprehensive, well-presented details about the products
  • SEO friendly product detail copies, with proper use of keywords and metadata that will result in more hits on your detail page
  • Concise and crisp yet vivid product description which gives the potential buyers all the information they are looking for to make a purchase
  • In-depth competitor research and off Amazon research to create a layout with the current trend in mind
Price : $149 Per Product

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