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Shared Call Center for eCommerce Sellers

Deploy a full service customer contact center for your online store and let your buyers reach out to you easily.
Now it is easy & inexpensive for you to be a 100% customer centric online business.

What is a Shared Call Center for eCommerce Sellers?

While most online sellers on Amazon, eBay, brand estores etc. would love to be seen as a customer focused business, there are many challenges in setting up a full service call center.

Many of our clients (who are online sellers) raised the requirement of a cost effective yet comprehensive customer service outsouring. Based on this, we have created a perfect solution for online sellers: Shared Customer Contact Center, Pay Per Use.

  • Inbound Calls: Shared customer service agent who can take your incoming calls, emails & web chats.
  • Outbound Marketing: Get your shared tele caller to make outbound calls to market, collect feedback or just survey perceptions of new products before launching.
  • Multilingual & Multi time zone: Speak with your customers in their language at their time, take advantage of our globally distributed customer service agents.
Shared Call Center Services

Why Have A Customer Service Center?

One of the apprehensions often sighted by online buyers is the difficulty of contacting the seller easily. Here are some of the obvious benefits of offering customer service contact details to your buyers:

  • Reduce Returns: Products are often returned because the buyers are unable to understand the features or use the product correctly. By getting the chance to speak to your buyers before they initiate a return process, you can significantly reduce the chances of expensive returns & refunds.
  • Upsell Your Products: Over a service or support call, you have an opportunity to link sell your other products to your existing buyers.
  • Safe Gaurd Your Seller Rating on Amazon: By speaking to your customers directly, you get the best opportunity to resolve a buyer’s complaint or even solicit a 5 Star rating.
  • Be Customer Centric: Make your buyer’s life easy, by making it simple for them to contact you.
  • Competitive Advantage: Differentiate yourself from other sellers without resorting to discounting.

Shared Customer Service Center

How To Get A Shared Customer Service Center?

Getting your own multilingual customer service center outsourced is simple. We have a global team of experienced call center agents who are ready to start taking calls on your behalf.

3 step process to get started:

Step 1: Train our Process Manager. This is a one time training about your products, sales pitch and brand experience. You can also provide a script or reference guide. Our Process Manager will train & supervise the callers.

Step 2: We allocate inbound and outbound phone numbers and calling infrastructure.

Step 3: Start the customer service center and get weekly reports.


A simple Pay Per Use model, where you pay a low one time set up cost, then pay only for the call & chat time.

We are committed to provide transparent pricing, no hidden costs and complete accountability.

Initial training & onboarding One-Time $500
Voice Call (Inbound & Outbound) Minute $0.50
Inbound phone number Month $30
Outbound phone call cost Minute $0.15
Web chat agent Minute $0.46
eMail customer service eMail $1
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