Amazon Keyword Research


Enrich Your Product Listing With Most Sales-Enhancing & High-Performing Keywords.

Amazon is primarily a customer-centric platform; it wants buyers to find the best match for their searches. The sole intent is to churn maximum sales in the fastest possible time. Keyword research plays a pivotal role in identifying the words or phrases that people enter in the search bar. It helps in picking the high-demand and frequently used words. By using these keywords you can drive the prospective shoppers to find, scan and eventually purchase your products. But if your products are not indexed with the relevant keywords, they won’t appear in the search results. So a better understanding of what a potential shopper is looking for and determining the most significant keywords is an ideal method to attract valuable traffic and create an impressive customer base

Our specialized team, at eStore Factory, employs a rigorous mechanism to find the most result-oriented and context-rich keywords. The major criterion for sorting the keywords is their relevance, search volumes and convertibility. An outcome of our extensive keyword research for Amazon is a potent list of keywords that drives valuable traffic to your products. The improved conversions, impressive sales, and great ROI are a result of our performance-driven Amazon keyword research services.

We use top-notch research tools like Merchant Words & Helium 10 and pick high-intent keywords to be used in the vital product listing elements like title, bullet points, image tags, and PPC campaigns.
Our experts find long-tail keywords that are equally relevant and used regularly in searches; by adding them to the search terms there’s a marked increase in the visibility of your product listings.
We compile a list of keywords sorted based on volume, relevance and convertibility; a comprehensive report is prepared for every keyword backed with additional data for gaining higher visibility.
We conduct proper research to study keywords and data that have helped your top competitors rank high and utilize these observations to improve your listings’ ranking on Amazon.
We don’t rely completely on the automated sorting processes for your keywords; our experts manually sift through and remove irrelevant and unnecessary ones and curate a final list of specialized & high-value keywords.


Searching and analyzing high-performing keywords for Amazon is a specialized task that requires a lot of precision, system and logic to ensure satisfying outcomes. We follow a rigorous funneling system for getting the final list of keywords to be used on your Amazon product listing page.

The final list of keywords is based on certain criteria that include:

  • Target Audience
  • Amazon’s Search Bar Suggestions
  • Competitors’ Reverse ASIN lookup
  • Competitive Terms (with good search volume and low competition)
  • Relevance
  • Search Volume

We pick high-performing keywords that are relevant to your product category & marketplace and help you optimize your Amazon business to perform exceedingly well.

Product Keyword Research