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Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer; you need more than just good products to compete in this marketplace. There’s a constant need to re-orient your Amazon product listings to draw potential buyers and lure them into making purchases. This method of orienting your product listings to match the needs of the customers while generating increased sales and better revenues is called Amazon optimization. The huge opportunity of attracting high-intent traffic and maximizing the potential of your product listing is not possible without a well-executed optimization strategy.

We, at eStore Factory, offer optimization services that cater to your business needs and are completely in sync with your target markets. Optimized product listings backed by best SEO practices, effective advertising campaigns and marketing strategies get you more visibility, better organic rankings and drive up views and sales immensely. Well-optimized listings with an impressive product page design, product descriptions; good ratings and reviews, supported by great customer service positively impact your brand image. It demonstrates that your business and products are living up to the customer’s expectations. As a full-stack Amazon listing optimization agency, we help you drive the maximum benefits by adopting an all-inclusive strategy for optimization on Amazon.


Amazon dominates the online retail business. To extract the maximum benefits from the platform, a strong optimization strategy is essential. The primary benefits of availing services of an Amazon optimization agency are:

We implement the best SEO tactics and data-driven strategies to attract maximum traffic and push your Amazon product rankings on top.
We optimize your product listings, keywords, images, product descriptions and other key elements to enhance your traffic, increase sales and get the best ROI.
We find the most context-rich and high-value keywords for your products by conducting thorough competitive research to keep you way ahead of your competitors.


    Our Amazon Optimization Agency provides the following services:

    AMAZON SEO We find the most high-value and profitable keywords to rank your products on Amazon. It includes long-tail keywords and phrases to be used in the backend for rankings. We conduct thorough research using the most high-precision keyword research tools.

    KEYWORD RESEARCH & ANALYSIS –Analyzing a PPC campaign’s performance may be a time-consuming and exhausting exercise but you can’t afford to miss it. It plays a key role in setting targets and achieving them along the way. Our Amazon Sponsored Ad specialists step in here and analyze your PPC Campaigns at the keyword, product, ad group, and campaign level to provide important insights. We provide detailed information about the performance of your ad placements, sales from advertised products, and Ad performance by keyword.

Product Keyword Research

    COMPETITOR ANALYSIS –By analyzing the sales numbers of our competitors, we get a fair idea about their under- or high-performing strategies. We reverse engineer the sales metrics to determine the number of sales that should be made to rank for a particular keyword. The market trends and the potential market profitability can also be gauged well by following our competitor analysis process.

    CONTENT OPTIMIZATION –We understand the importance of optimization of key content variables on an Amazon product page. In addition to on-page optimization of the header, the product description and search terms on a product page, we write copies that are easy to understand for customers and sit well with the Amazon algorithm.

    PRICING STRATEGY –Amazon lays special emphasis on being a well-priced e-commerce platform. Pricing is a key factor for any product sale. We analyze your business, the competitor pricing, discounts & offers before deciding on the right price point for you. A proper assessment using various pricing models on Amazon is made before determining the best price that suits your specific business and industry.

    AMAZON PPC CAMPAIGNS –Impressive sales volume is a key factor for driving Amazon keyword rankings. Amazon PPC plays an important role in attracting traffic. Our Amazon advertising specialists develop campaigns for your business, monitor them and guide you in maintaining budgets for achieving great results. We constantly review the campaigns to further optimize them to maintain a steady ACoS while garnering consistent growth in revenue streams.

    IMAGE OPTIMIZATION –Images are one of the key elements in turning a browser into a buyer. Simply putting images on the product page isn’t enough. They must meet the requisite quality requirements, be optimized conforming to Amazon guidelines and appear highly attractive to a potential shopper. Our design team produces stunning product images, lifestyle images, close-ups with fine detailing and graphic overlays to showcase your products in the best light while following all Amazon guidelines.

    SHIPMENT & FBA SET-UP –We handle all your shipments by organizing and coordinating the labeling procedures for Amazon FC. Our team helps in managing your FBA set-up and shipping requirements thus making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

    INVENTORY MANAGEMENT –Good inventory management is crucial for running a thriving Amazon business. We will help you with strategies to keep your inventory at optimal levels. The possibility of losing sales due to low stock or bearing unnecessary store expenses for overstocking will substantially be reduced.

    AMAZON ACCOUNT MANAGEMENTWe provide end-to-end solutions to sellers who don’t have the necessary expertise or time to manage their Amazon accounts. Our team of certified Amazon consulting experts will handle every aspect of your Amazon business and micro-manage your account to create a prosperous business for you. Right from ranking optimization, to SEO, to Amazon PPC management and establishing a robust brand image, we will handle everything for you.

    CUSTOMER SUPPORT –Our Customer support team will provide 24X7 customer support service and handle every issue or product-related query for your business. We work tirelessly to keep your business running and maintain the robust health of your Amazon seller account.

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