Sponsored Brand Ads for Amazon

Drive brand discoverability and visibility with Sponsored Brands


These customizable creative ads stretch across the top of the search result pages, making them almost unmissable. They feature clickable logos, lifestyle imagery, and product categories with the option to redirect shoppers to your Amazon store or your product detail page.


  • Product Collection: The Product Collection ad type allows advertisers to target up to three products in your ad. The traffic from the Product Collection ad can be redirected to your product detail page or brand store.
  • Store Spotlight: Available only to brands with a multi-page storefront, the Store Spotlight ad type lets you promote three entire product categories in one ad. When a shopper clicks on any advertised category, they will be redirected to the corresponding category page, where they can view all the products of that category.
  • Video: This scroll-stopping ad type appears within the search result pages, making it highly visible. Shoppers will be redirected to the product detail page when they click on the ad.

Creating a winning Sponsored Brands campaign requires more than just adding keywords and adjusting bids. Being customized creative ads, your campaigns need to speak to your brand and provide customers with an immersive shopping experience.

Amazon PPC experts at eStore Factory will help you set up and optimize your Sponsored Brands for success. Whether your goal is brand discovery, shopper engagement and loyalty, or an increase in sales, our Amazon ad optimization specialists will employ their best practices to create and manage your Sponsored Brands campaigns. Leveraging the best keyword research techniques, we’ll ensure that your ads stay in front of the audience and always above the competition.

The team working on creating Sponsored Brands advertising campaign will consist of an Amazon PPC management expert, graphic designer and a copywriter, so your ads won’t just appeal to Amazon’s algorithm, but the creatives will connect directly with the shoppers looking at your ad.

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Our proven approach

  • Getting your listing retail ready: Optimized listings are more likely to convert, which is why our Amazon optimization experts ensure that everything a shopper will interact with on your listing is optimized for conversion.
  • Existing campaign overhaul: Refurbishing your existing campaigns by weeding out negative keywords and adding profitable terms and other like things to minimize revenue leaks and accelerate ROI.
  • Keyword research: Leveraging industry-best keyword tools (Helium 10 & Merchant Words), we curate a list of relevant keywords to fuel your PPC campaigns.
  • New campaign creation: Armed with a carefully curated keyword list, we’ll create new Sponsored Ad campaigns that’ll fuel your growth goals and hit the right spots when it comes to KPIs.
  • Optimization: A dedicated Amazon PPC optimization specialist will ensure that the bids are regularly adjusted, new keywords are constantly added, any wasted spend is immediately stopped and all your campaigns are running successfully.
  • Reporting: Our project manager will always be in contact with your team, giving you updates, deliverables, and clear-cut data on how your campaigns are performing.



Professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry are eligible to create Sponsored Brands campaigns. If you do not have brand registry, get in touch with our Amazon seller consultant. Sponsored Brands are also available for vendors selling through Vendor Central and book vendors.
Adult products, products that claim to permanently physically change natural body properties, drug testing kits, disease diagnostic kits, etching creams, fat burning products, products that claim to increase metabolism, enhance libido, suppress appetite, or expedite other natural bodily functions, gender prediction kits, tattoo and body branding products, tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapes and weapons are not eligible for advertising.
There is no minimum budget required to create Sponsored Brands. Every brand is different and so are its budget and goals. Our Amazon marketing consultants will work with you to identify your unique goals and find a budget that works for you.