Major updates to the buyer initiated order cancellation process – May 27, 2022

Posted by Jimi Patel | May 27, 2022

Amazon has finally listened to sellers and rolled out a better way to notify sellers about buyer-initiated order cancellations.

Sellers have previously shared how difficult it was to keep track of order cancellation messages as they can be easily lost among multiple buyer-seller messages.

In order to streamline the order cancelation request process, Amazon has introduced the new experience for Buyer Requested Cancellations.

Cancellation requests will no longer appear on the Buyer-Seller messaging tool. Instead, they will appear in a banner on the Manage Orders page. Cancellation requests will also be seen in order reports once you enable the Buyer-Requested Cancel field.

The updates were initially supposed to go into effect in late April, but as there was a lot of confusion about how the new system would work, Amazon had to delay the effective date. The changes officially went live on May 23rd.

While this rollout occurs, you will receive buyer cancellations through the old experience on Buyer-Seller messages or through the new experience on the MYO page.

Sellers could receive buyer initiated cancellations in the following methods:
• Email: You will receive all buyer cancellation requests through email under the subject line of “Order cancellation request from Amazon customer.”
• Seller Central: You will receive some order cancellation requests through the Buyer-Seller messages or some through the MYO page.

If you find yourself too busy to manage the everyday tasks like replying to buyer seller messages and keeping a tab on order cancellation rate, hire an experienced account management agency who can take these day-to-day management tasks off your shoulders.

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