New modules introduced in Amazon Brand Story – March 09, 2022

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 10, 2022

The Amazon Brand Story feature has been updated with four new modules, including a scrollable carousel, brand focus modules, Q & A modules, and an ASIN & store showcase module that gives brands the ability to redirect customers to their brand store and other product detail pages. Brands can add up to 19 modules per brand story.

Prior to this update, brands were able to submit a single About the Brand module, which contained two images, and our story section with three predefined questions, including “How did we get our start?”, “What makes our product unique?” and Why do we love what we do?”.

A quick look at the new modules:

1) Brand Carousel
The Brand Carousel module contains a background image that will be displayed behind all the modules, so it should be visually appealing and not too busy. You can add a headline text field and a short body text field.

Brand Carousel

2) Brand ASIN & Store Showcase
This module can be linked directly to your product detail pages and storefront. You can be as creative as you want with the images.

Brand ASIN & Store Showcase

3) Brand Focus Image
You can add an image that beautifully represents your brand and a tagline or brand mission that connects with your customers.

Brand Focus Image

4) Brand Logo and Description
This is a great place to add your brand story or additional product information.

Brand Logo and Description

5) Brand Q&A
This module can help proactively address common questions customers have about your brand. It included three pre-formulated questions, but you also have an option to add a custom question.

Brand Q&A<

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